Roof Collapse at EDM Star ‘Steve Aoki’ Show Injures 15

Steve Aoki was performinglive at ‘Sentrum Scene’ during the time of the venues ceiling collapsing.

A Twitter user posted this image from the scene.

Fifteen people had been injured in the ceiling collapse at the concert venue in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. They are currently receiving medical attention and none are believed to be seriously injured or dead, as per Oslo police reports.

According to one ground report, about 1800 students and young people were attending the show by American house ‘EDM’ star Steve Aoki at Sentrum Scene at the time of the collapse. The venue was quickly evacuated and sectioned off from the public as groups of firemen secured the site.

A student who was at the venue told Norway’s NTB news agency that the atmosphere was “total chaos”.

Steve Aoki has yet to issue a comment on this developing issue.

You Me At Six New Album Could be Called NIGHTPEOPLE 

Popular rock band ‘You Me At Six’ (YMAS) could have announced their newest album is to be called “Night People” following a lengthy livestreamed release hosted on Periscope on Twitter.

The ‘neon-like’ sign teased live on stream.

The rock band, originally from Surrey, England, formed in 2004 and released their last album “Cavalier Youth” in 2014. Their newest supposed teased album has ignited social media frenzy, with the hashtag #NIGHTPEOPLE trending globally during the livestream and frantic discussion during it about what the message could mean.

One by one, letters revealed themselves, almost ‘neon’ in fashion, to reveal the hashtag. As they slowly shone together, fans started the ‘#NIGHTPEOPLE’ trend going, which was quickly heard worldwide.

The members of YMAS changed their Twitter headers to this image.

During the stream, a logo overlaid the screen occasionally, supposedly of the albums new cover. In the background, audio could be heard with rustles of feet and popping noises, as though someone was sat behind the camera. It has since emerged that, during the livestream, the image and lettering were projected onto a brick wall. The true logo does not have the ‘brick’ style background seen below.

The logo, likely projected onto a brick wall.

At it’s peak, the livestream saw over 25,000 Twitter users watching, anticipating the band’s next moves.

Do you think this is the bands next album? Is this just a song name? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

-Benjamin John Wareing

Apple to Swap Emoji Pistol With WATERGUN

Apple is set to update their world-recognised Emoji list to replace the ‘🔫’ revolver gun emoji with a green plastic water pistol. 

The newest move, set to be released on the official public launch of IOS10, is as a result of growing concerns over firearm violence in America and worldwide. This announcement comes following the shooting of 49 LGBTQ+ members in an Orlando gay club, the massacre of police officers in Baton Rouge, and many more global events.

Apple is set to remove the silver and black revolver emoji.

Amongst the changes, a rainbow flag is to be released in support of the LGBTQ+ community, along side more ‘gender career’ options, such as women emojis in ‘stereotypical’ masculine roles like police and other workers.

Women are now more heavily depicted in the emoji update.

Altogether, Apple is set to make 100+ changes and implementations to the popular emoji list in a push for equality and inclusion, whilst also removing issues relating to key world issues such as gun crime.

All the emojis have been updated to appear higher definition.

In a statement, Apple said “This exciting update brings more gender options to existing characters, including new female athletes and professionals, adds beautiful redesigns of popular emoji, a new rainbow flag and more family options.”

Apple also said it had worked tightly with the ‘Unicode Consortium’ that handles the emoji standard, to “ensure that popular emoji characters reflect the diversity of people everywhere”.
What do you think of the new emoji changes? Are you looking forward to them? Let us know in the comments below. 

-Benjamin John Wareing

Shooting at ‘Teen Nightclub’ – Florida

This is a developing story. Here are the key points that we know now:

Fort Myers, Florida

  • Shooting took place in ClubBlu nightclub, Fort Myers. The club is known to host teenagers as young as 13 years old.
  • At least two have been killed. Numbers feared to rise.
  • Over 14-16 wounded have been reported, according to police.
  • ‘Teen night’ was being hosted at the club during the shooting. Hosts ages from 13-18.

Details coming through currently.
-Benjamin John Wareing

My Chemical Romance are NOT Reuniting 

After the complete breakdown on social media yesterday after rock sensations ‘My Chemical Romance’ posted a ‘teaser trailer’ online, the band have confirmed they are not reuniting or holding a tour.

The group posted the following statement on their social media pages, stating that they are “blown away” by the response given, yet they are “only giving an anniversary to The Black Parade”.

The group, famous for hits such as “I’m Not Okay” and “Teenagers” split in 2013 and ever since hundreds of thousands have called for their reunion.

The teaser trailer that caused global excitement featured a waving logo for the band, along with the following date:

Do you want the band to reunite? Do you think they ever will? Let me know in the comments below.

– Benjamin John Wareing

My Chemical Romance Back Together?

Almost everyone in the rock scene knows that, on March 22 2013, the global phenomenon known as “My Chemical Romance” announced they would be splitting up. The group performed hits such as “Teenagers”, “Welcome to the Black Parade” and “I’m Not Okay”.

Since then, fans have long awaited any form of news of a reunion; a long-lost song, a return tour, a movie, anything…and now they might have it.

The MCR flag that was shown for half a minute in a ‘teaser’ video

The usually inactive official ‘MCR’ Twitter account posted, on the 20th July 2016, a half-minute video clip of the group’s logo as a flag floating in the wind, then finally ending with the date:


The 23rd September 2016. What will happen? No-body knows. As the band subtly breaks the internet with panicked excitement, could a reunion be in the works? Let me know in the comments below.

– Benjamin John Wareing

Turkey Takeover and the Media

From a student journalists point of view, the attempted military coup of the Turkish government was a frightening, disgusting and unprecedented course of action that resulted in the death of hundreds – innocents and military alike. It brought on disorder, martial law that escalated into apparent civil war between those on the streets, and saw the military directly take on the people of Turkey, the police protecting those peoples civil liberties, and the government which has worked hard to bring subtle prosperities to the country.

From a media point of view, and speaking completely devoid of bias or influence, those involved in the attempted military coup were disgraceful. Undeniably repugnant. Over the course of the fast-changing night, the attempted coup gained control of multiple broadcasting mediums; state run TV, Internet blackouts and control of private TV – notably, CNN Turk, which was broadcast live for the world to witness. For the world to witness the brutality and illegality of the militaries actions.

The CNN Turk newsroom was abandoned live, but audio played depicting intense staff/ military fighting.

Videos emerged of soldiers forcefully removing employees, destroying their mobile phones, and isolating them from any form of outside contact. They then attempted to manipulate the wider population by broadcasting propaganda. The word “attempt” features heavily throughout this for a reason – their actions did not, nor would they ever, succeed.

On the other hand, from a student journalists point of view, I’m deeply humbled. Amongst the sadness, fear and indescribable empathy I feel for the media and public on the ground in Turkey, specifically Ankara, I feel warmth.

When faced with tanks, jets, helicopters and guns, the public used their bodies. They blocked tanks, they held barrels, and they restrained military rogues. They are the reason Turkey is free from the oppressive control of a military governance. Whilst there are issues to address with the democracy of the President, they are minute in comparison to the bloodshed and oppression felt during the attempted coup.

The most popular image of the attempted military coup in Turkey.

The civilians of Turkey, of Ankara, reinstated my belief in the publics perceived importance of the media. They showed, en mass, that the world should be a free place. Free to protest, free to report in a journalistic environment, and free to feel safe.

The attempted coup in Turkey was disgraceful, but also beautiful. It showed the best of humanity and the unity it can incite, but also the most ugly under ill-informed haste through the means of an attempted coup. Whilst helicopters rained bullets into crowds and explosions rocked the Turkish Parliament, the people of Turkey fought violence with bravery. 

Turkish Parliament shown being blown up by artillery strikes.

As a student journalist, a young adult pushing my own boundaries in journalism, Turkey has been a blessing. We will remember those lost, but equally, we will remember the indescribable gains made. We will remember the 15th July 2016 as a dark day for Turkeys democracy, but also as a silver lining for its population. A golden age for its media, for its citizens, and for its internal security.

As a student journalist, I admire and applause the immense bravery of all those in Turkey who stood up to military dictatorship and fought for freedom.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians stood up to the attempted military coup.

When one stick stands alone, it can be broken with ease. When hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, are bound together – they are then unbreakable.

-Benjamin John Wareing