To open your minds a little, not many people actually believe that politicians are ‘sick comedians’, but are instead perhaps slightly swayed from their true purposes for whatever reason. In the end, things are done that are key to the functionality of this nation via the politicians, but other things are neglected. Its these that we MUST pick up on and criticise, much as we would for any other profession. This is when – A- the media tears apart politicians without much forethought and with large negligence to the true facts of the individual matter – B – It is our job, as the general public; the people of Britain, to notify these errors and demand they be amended. Let me remind you once again that, should this be present in other professions, the employee would likely be reprimanded or fired (Such as a doctor falsely diagnosing a patient or a fireman turning up at the wrong address). Why should politicians be given such a large leeway when the error is their own? At the end of the day, our tax money goes to pay for their contributions, so in return, we expect an outstanding service for our country.
Russell Brand; far from a messiah or globally-renowned ‘perfect human’, is contributing to us. Of course this sparks controversy, it is nothing but human nature to settle for the comforts we are used to, hence why such outcry begins when things change in a drastic measure. He is sparking a movement, a REVOLUTION for change, both here in the United Kingdom but also internationally (Although for the purposes of this article, I shall use examples which are only applicable to the UK).

With issues so prominently burning their way into British history, Brand is a perfect example of how ‘fame and fortune’ doesn’t always define a person; he is fighting against the social normality that celebrities are ‘happy’ and ‘content’ with their life and only live inside their ‘perfect’ bubble. He is the shimmer of light at the end of the Far Left tunnel, such as those facing housing eviction in the East London Estate or those affected by the corporate greed of the power-hungry 8-12 families who ‘run the world’.
Either way of the argument that you observe and participate, you cannot argue that Russell Brand is causing a movement. For those that the issues directly affect, his contributions are vital to the recognition they so desperately need. Alas, all the media (cough cough, The Sun) pick up upon is his ‘hypocrisy’ and ‘self-image greed’. Typical from an outlet that provide information at a 7 year old level. He is a celebrity at the end of the day, who earned his status and money. The choice is his, rather than living cosily, knowingly aware of the injustices around him, he chooses to participate in the movement.
Moving away from the childish insults and heckling, Russell Brand is truly creating a revolution for modern Britain. Just as there are uprisings in Ferguson, New York and Washington, there are uprisings closer to home than people care to notice. I admit that Brand is certainly no “God” and is only an acting figure-head, but there will always be figure-heads regardless of the event. His actions, as controversial as they evidently are, are just what the lower class need; the recognition that they have been missing for so long. It is a human right that we are all heard as individual humans, so why neglect a whole class?
In the words of Brand himself, “We need a spiritual revolution; Oneness, Togetherness, Tolerance, Respect and Love” and I couldn’t agree more. We are only fighting for a more fair society, one where everyone’s voices can be heard without ignorance or rejection. This is the Revolution Russell Brand wants, this is the revolution that the UK needs.

– Benjamin John Wareing


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