Why Young People Aged 16 And 17 SHOULD Have The Right to Vote.

Okay, so we’ve all heard Russell Brand, amongst others, express how young people should not vote; “It is a waste of time and an investemnt into a non-existent future”. How, by voting, we somehow mystically lose our individuality, we lose our value to society. That isn’t true. By voting, we empower ourselves. We count towards something, an end goal to a Better Britain. We contribute to the figures that determine who leads us. “But politicians don’t do anything, they only hinder us” i hear you cry. Sure, perhaps this may be true in some cases, but by not voting, how can we change this. Infact, by not voting, you’re remaining idle to this fact and not wanting a ‘change’ or ‘revolution’, you remain on the sidelines with only a picket fence but no cause of action. Be the cause, be the change.

Statistically speaking, more and more young people are joining the world of politics, the world of the future. More and more young people are deciding they want to make a change, make an impact, so beneficial that it changes the course of Britain for the better. Why should we hinder such amazing contributions, why should we stop the next generation from making an impact? Surely this only sends out the message of ignorance, that the values of those aged 16 and 17 are useless, yet somehow at aged 18, this all changes. I, amongst tens of thousands of young people, truly believe in the right to vote for young people. We are filled with such passion, such drive, that we want the best outcome for a ‘Broken Britain’ only made worse by Cameron’s rampant and reckless control. If an 18 year old can make contributory votes to shape the future of Britain, so too can young people.

Imagine it like this; a Britain that values the vote of young people, not just “taking them into consideration”. A Britain that counts the votes of these people, these citizens, and uses it to shape the Britain THEY want. After all, we are the generation most likely to be drastically affected by the parties in control through our transition into ‘adulthood and independence’. We have seen examples of such power, such independence already, through the wonderful work of the Youth Parliament, pitching a large variety of young people from all ethnicities, all corners of the country, and allowing them to express their deepest desires for change in current affairs. From ‘keeping the minimum wage the same for young people and adults’, to the controversially massive factor of ‘votes for young people’. How on Earth can these impressionable, innovative, brilliant minds be belittled enough to the point where their views, their core beliefs, are not listened to. Perhaps you could argue that these are taken into consideration, but that doesn’t matter. I can take into consideration whether to take walk or take a bus to school, but in the end, it’s the final action that counts. Make this happen in modern day, take the beliefs of young people, and apply them into votes such as any adult’s views would. We are no different, we have proven ourselves. Listen to us, and we will be the glue to the ‘Broken Britain’ we are so shamefully affected by.

In the words of William Hague, “When i saw the Youth Parliament sit in this chamber last November, i could see how inspiring the future can be and how, as so many of us leave the House, we can be confident that there will be a new generation of extremely impressive young people who will come to this House.”

If you allow us to contribute to the General Election Vote, we will not dissapoint. We will show our worth, our value, and our commitment to the future of Great Britain.

-Benjamin John Wareing


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