Are The Youth of Today Unchallenged?

Yes. There is absolutely no denying this fact. All you need to do is cast your mind back two generations ago; Young men at the age of 16+ soldiered off into the fog of the unknown, bearing arms for King and country, ready to fulfill the propagandised poem of “Dulce et decorum est pro patria morti”, “It is sweet and right to die for your country.” At the same time, young women nationwide stood up to the mark and demonstrated the sheer, never before seen power of their gender. They produced munitions, they grew crops, they ran offices and they proved men wrong. They fulfilled the goals of the Suffragettes, and helped reach gender equality. This is what the youth of Britain were doing only 76 years ago; providing in unity for the best possible outcome for Great Britain. Pride and patriotism dominated our collective views. So what about today?

Today, you can expect to find the typical 16 year old eager to leave school for one of two reasons; to better their education, or to escape from it. At the age of 18, further paths form; either people delve straight into the world of work, they take endless ‘gap’ years and drink away their wasteful lives at slummy holiday destinations like Magaluf, or they further their educational career. Where is the pride in this? Yes, the exception is clearly within those who make a use of themselves, striving for a better education within work or within the school system, but this is directed at those who do neither. Those who sit inside playing Xbox that their rich daddies paid for, those that won’t look for a job “because my uncle works in a garage so he’ll let me work there”, those that go to tacky drinking holidays to “get wasted and have sex”. Those that offer only a hammer and chisel to the ‘Broken Britain’ we live in, chipping away with a vague look of idiocy on their faces whilst doing so. This is directed at the 50% split of youth that, after they “escape” school, will start families at a young age, that will likely claim benefits because they “weren’t ready for a family”, and will likely stay on jobseekers until their ‘blessed gift’ of a child flies the nest. Do something. No, you’re not helping Britain by getting 45 kills in Call Of Duty, nor are you solving issues by flying to poor Magaluf and leaving your mark only as a splurge of your vomit on someones doorstep.

Where has the motivation gone? Perhaps we, as a country, don’t offer enough for their growing minds. Wait, this isn’t true, is it? We offer complex apprentice schemes, we offer OxBridge, amongst many universities, that are actively widening their intake of pupils. We offer career paths and life choices more easily than booking a flight to some has-been ‘holiday’ location. This issue is not the countries fault, nor the education system, nor the jobs, it is ONLY the individuals. Motivation has been replaced with ease. This is not only evident with young people, but everything; microwave meals are becoming the ‘norm’ to feed children and gaming consoles are out-competing sporting activities by tenfold. The ideology of an ‘easy life’ has ‘valiantly’ swooped in, ‘saving’ us from ‘hassle’…ravenously dragging away the carcass of our past ‘pride and passion’, only to replace it with a monotone generation of dossers and complainers who blame their own pitfalls on others.

You can’t call this biased, either. I am a 16 year old boy, still in High School, and as i am typing this i have received a reply e-mail offering me a job placement. This is possible because of my commitment and efforts to jobseek. I think that is testimony to how easy it is, i applied 7 days ago and i technically now have a job. Did i perform any cheats to get here, did i get a 51 killstreak on Halo, did i binge drink my way to that position? No. I went out into the wide world, i proved that i can represent the few left in our generation that CAN.  It isn’t hard, people! All you need to do is have the right mindset, know what you want in life.

Put it this way, what benefits will a life at Benidorm or Magaluf have upon yourself? “Oh Benjamin, it gives me social skills”. Will it hell! Socialising is charity work, socialising is meeting new people and showing them who you are. Socialising is not violently regurgitating the contents of your stomach on some poor girls lap in an effort to ‘swoon’ her in front of the ‘lads’.

This generation is unchallenged, but that solution only lies within us. This cannot be fixed through any implication other that the good old British pride we once vibrantly beamed with, back when everyone worked in unison and respected the country we live in. When two people could progress in life, make something of themselves. This will only change within ourselves. We are the solution, so BE the solution. Don’t rely upon the country to help you, help yourself.

Jarod Kintz once quoted, “Never let go of a good thing without a fight.”

Don’t let our success go, fight for it. Earn it.

-Benjamin John Wareing


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