What Does “Love” Mean?

A good question, one of which is completely independent to each person, but also the same. Love is a paradox that affects us all.

To some, love is the burning pit inside their bodies, the coal to the fire that keeps them going. To some, love is a weapon of control, using it to dominate and dictate their victims to an unimaginable pulp, a mere scrap of their former self. To others, love is what makes us human, it is the backbone to our soul and the atomic structure that allows us to interact. To me, love is everything. Not metaphorically, but literally.
Love is our careers, deciding which path we traverse in our short but rocky lives. Love is the feeling high ranking officials feel towards their country, using its sheer power to decide our fate as a nation. Love is the emotion our beady little eyes felt, and our hearts absorbed, when we were born. Love is the feeling we get when we interact with one another. Love is the pain we feel when we loose, driving us to further succeed.
To some, love is the ultimate destroyer, habituating one’s heart, only to burrow out from within it, leaving it as nothing but a carcass. It is the thing that swept them from their feet, only to fly them miles away and drop them alone. To some, it represents the mistrust they eventually felt, only to be abused and left vulnerable. To others, love is a beauty that cannot be described. It is the shimmer of a butterfly’s wings, the colours of the rainbow, or the smell of spring in the morning. To some, love can be the warmth in a cold night, or the breeze is a hot night.

But what is love to me? Love to me, is everything. It is the happiness i feel on sad days, it is the embrace i feel during cuddles, it is the soft exchange of ones lips to another. It is the anxious feeling you experience when you talk to someone so captivating, so encapsulating, that your entire cognitive revolves around them. To me, love is essential. The proud smile of my father, expressing his pride and compassion towards me, in the loving and safe embrace of his arms. Or the soft lips of a girl, making reality melt away around me, only leaving me and her to bask in the beauty of this lonely universe. To me, love is the passion that drives me forwards, forcing me to achieve greatness in life. Love is the rarest part of life, but it’s the most simple to obtain. It surrounds us forever and always, in many beautiful and unique forms. Be it through anger, through compassion or through friendship, love makes us truly human. It is the breeze through grass, it is the pollen upon flowers and it is the oxygen we breathe. Without love, we would be dead; not literally, but metaphorically. Our life would be devoid of purpose. What meaning would our life have? We would be empty souls drifting through existence, awaiting the miracle of love to appear.
“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.” Ann Landers.
Take advantage of the love we have, through whatever form it may take. Allow it to consume you, allow it to shape you and allow it to be your saving grace. It is what makes you human, and it is what makes you unique.

Benjamin John Wareing


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