Why I Call For The Re-Introduction of The Death Penalty.

Here’s why I agree with the title. The death penalty is 100% proven to remove the chance of re-offending. Forgive the joke, but surely it is no laughing matter to prevent someone from committing mass murder, from raping children, or for ruining countless lives with their actions. The death penalty resolves so many issues in an unarguably humane way, in comparison to the crimes the convicts have committed.
I only agree with the statement in extreme cases. “What do you mean by this, Benjamin”, well, here’s some modern day examples. The murder of Lee Rigby by Adebolajo and Adebowale. Due to Rigby’s inclusion in the British army, in effect, the two murderers damaged the countries defensive infrastructure. Albeit in a ‘small’ scale in comparison to the number of military employees, it shook the nation and instant cries of terrorism and an unsafe feeling gripped the nation. They took the life of a young man, of whom had a full life ahead of him – both fighting for the country, and for his family – and show no remorse. They should face the same fate, death by lethal injection.
Jon Venables, the boy who took the life of a baby, and shocked the world with his age. He tore from the babies’ family what meant to them most, his life. Like Rigby, he had a long and prosperous life ahead of him, only to be stopped at the hands of another. Venables should face the same fate, death by lethal injection.
Jeffrey Goodwyn, who from the words of his own lawyers “has made no progression whatsoever” has been freed from prison after the rape of two under-aged girls; both under the age of 10. He stole the innocence from their hearts, as well as all confidence and most of their childhood. Arguably, he has ruined the entire lives of two young girls, an event that will haunt every day they live, im sure. Goodwyn should face lethal injection.
I agree that lethal injection may be seen as an ‘in-humane’ action, denying an individual the right of life, but surely they have done the same? They have, through rape or murder, denied a decent way of life due to their own fantasies or impulses coming to life. “An eye for an eye”, as quoted by the Bible, resonates imperatively within me. If you deny an individual their life, you should be denied your own.
Not only is this beneficial in terms of guaranteeing a preventative of the chance of  re-offending, it is financially beneficial. It costs the country, on average, about £34,244 per year to facilitate a prisoner. This, times by the ‘average’ life sentence of 50-60 years equates to £1,712,200 – £2,054,640 of taxpayer money. Now, as the people who fund this, ask yourself; “Do i want to spend a total of up to £2 million to provide a comfortable habitat and ‘look after’ such a monstrous criminal?”. I for one, would not. The cost of Lethal Injection is about £57.53. Now, think of the possibilities; that £2 million could go towards schools, go towards the care for elderly, go towards our beautiful, but crumbling, NHS, or go towards further opportunities to better our own lives. It seems like an argument that can only be argued with by the statement “But its unethical!”. Well, in my OPINION, so is funding a vile human who tore the life from another, so is funding such a person rather than bettering our country in so many aspects. The argument of an ‘un-ethical’ nature is an opinion, like my own.
I am extremely passionate about the death penalty for extreme cases. It brings justice to those affected, it acts as a message to those thinking of committing the same crimes, and it saves our financially ruined country much needed money. Fund our future, not the future of evil perpetrators.

Benjamin John Wareing


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