A Response to ‘Rebecca Roache’ And Her Comments Regarding The GE Results.

We all have opinions. That’s the beauty of free speech. If I want to scream and cry about why I love the NHS or free education, I can do so. Alternately, if I want to scream and cry about why I hate a party, I can also do so. What isn’t okay is to condemn someone, or in this case over 11,000,000 people, on their choice. The people have spoken.

You cry about how human rights will be abolished (which they won’t, only changed for a more functional version), how NHS will become fully privatised (which won’t be a problem if you’re either careful or working hard enough) or how an injustice has been served. There hasn’t been. The people have spoken, as I quoted before, and the majority voted for the better party.


This is where the delightful Roache comes in and made a plea that all “fellow left-wingers” should unfriend Tories, whilst brandishing them as “racist, sexist and homophobic” (I think you forget that this is, in fact, the first party to house a female PM). Sounds like the incompressible babbling of someone mid-tantrum over their defeat. You can call ‘us’ whatever you like, it still won’t change the outcome.

Let’s ‘analyse’ a bit of what she said, shall we? “Fellow left-wingers”, speaking as though they all follow her. Here’s a little newsflash, Rebecca, no-one acknowledged you until you scrawled these words upon your blog. I can also make a reasonable hypothesis that most ‘right-minded’ left-wingers (pardon the pun) will not listen to you. We can be friends with whom we desire. In fact, it is all part of the fun; debating with your friend about policies, gaining the ‘upper hand’ in victories, and sharing a common ground in certain subjects. Why exclude an entire section of society just because of a cross they put in a box?


Your attempts at playing the ‘moral-card’ of shouting “sexist” are, frankly, rather humorous. Find me an example of a sexist policy, and then I will listen. Until then, you are just another woman trying to reach the ‘entitlement’ you already have. Stop trying to gain the higher ground when you’re high enough. The last thing we need is a country led by self-justifying feminists condemning anything anyone says. Feminism in the right context is intelligent; screaming self-defensive phrases at anything anyone says in opposition of your point is not.


it does seem to me that you created this blog just because of your dismay at the results of the election; despite the foreshadowing, despite your wobbly leadership, and despite your inadequate following as of yet. Grow up and accept your defeat. Grow up and stop trying to segregate two entire societal groups. Grow up and stop following the apparent regimes and ideology of a Nazi leadership. You cannot justify segregating two opposing groups just because a difference in ideas. We live in the 21st Century, where everyone’s points matter. One little, frankly stupid voice, cannot change what has been democratically decided. We are not a dictatorship.


Should the Conservatives had lost in the General Election, I would certainly not moan about how “sexist, homophobic and racist” they are (although I would display my disdain at the choice) so act your age, accept the defeat, and move on. Who knows, maybe you will win the next General Election, but certainly not with that attitude. 

We are all in the same race here, and we all want the best for our country. This will not be achieved by brandishing others falsely, promoting mass segregation, or sulking about what the majority of people have decided for. 

Note, I would link to her blog, but she doesn’t deserve the additional attention; due to her being in an, admittedly, highly respectable role (lecturer of Philosophy at Royal Holloway University of London), I fear her frankly ‘Hitler-like ideology’ will sadly rub off onto her students. Let’s hope you teach an unbiased class, or do you chuck out the Tory ones and run your own little boot camp? 

-Benjamin John Wareing 


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