My Stance on Disruptive Students.

Education is a gift. Education is a right. Education is something that sets this country apart from so many. We provide a free education up until university, with the vast majority offering an ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ quality of teaching to their students. Regardless of what some may say, the education itself isn’t a fault in our younger generations lives, it is themselves.

I am 16, so i feel i am in a good enough place to make such claims. Throughout my 12 years in education, i have noticed many characters. Like Steinbeck noted the people around him, so too have I. In a general sense, the people I have met are wonderful. Without giving direct names, i’ll address them by initials;

  • K is the most delightful person I have met. They offer a resting shoulder on darker days and a smile on sunnier ones. They are intellectually excellent, and humorously excellent too. They are someone I will know for the rest of my life.
  • T is the most motivated figures i have met. They offer a strong point of mind, whilst maintaining their own stability of mind. They are someone I will always turn to for advice and guidance.
  • B is a true fighter. Despite their personal circumstances and what some may call a ‘barrier’, they have fought on and truly shown their determination and endeavouring attitude in the face of hardship. They are someone close to my heart, and I will always offer help and support to themselves and their ‘little one’.

However, as with every social situation, I have encountered the ‘bad cookies’ everyone so fears to encounter. Despite the cheap laughs and memories you have, you know they wont make it through the car crash of life. Lets give some examples;

  • E is a wonderfully unique person, although they are annoying as hell. They’ll try their hardest to be socially sound, but with the massive pitfall of their own education. I love being around them, but i fear they wont make the most of the little time they have left in education, and only settle for ‘second-best’ in life.
  • A is a terrible person. They don’t offer anything positive to any aspect of school life, be it academically or socially. They thrive off the misfortune of others. I will be very glad is they dont make it far in life.

As you can see, there are big variations between the people i have been subjected to. Some of them i love, others i despise. There is, however, a trend to whom i like; if you are not disruptive, i will be your friend. It’s as simple as that, if you enjoy creating disorganisation, disruption and misfortune, you are better off fighting the battle alone. I don’t want to see you. If you seriously enjoy ruining other peoples education, one of the most key points in their lives, then you are nothing but a moving lump of atoms wasting the oxygen others need.

How about some statistics to back this up;
about 90% of classes have one or more disruptive pupils. That means, in a class of 30 pupils, one will disrupt the other 29. That is an inexcusable number, especially towards exam month.
On average, only about 7% of disruptive pupils get serious sanctioning, such as ‘in-house’ exclusion, temporary exclusion or permanent exclusion. The other 83% are typically issued a warning, with 70% of those re-offending.
decreasing the amount of disruptive students by just 5% could increase math proficiency in other students by 5%, as well as a 3.5% increase in English proficiency. That is, in a 60 mark exam, the equivalent of 3 marks, which could be the difference between a D and a C, or an A and an A*.

I do think strongly about this. Why should we educate and facilitate ‘serial-offenders’ of disruption? What do they contribute, other than the gradual destruction of others educations. I for one would not stand for that. If they want to ruin their own education, so be it, they can do it on their own. The serious issue is when they build a selfish bridge of cowardice and latch onto the thriving bodies around them.

It’s all well and good for me to give my view, but what would be my solution? It is also rather simple to understand; if an individual finds it so necessary to disrupt, so necessary to destabilise such wonderful facilities, then remove them. There should be no remorse for those that offer no remorse. Sure, perhaps we are removing the chance of them to succeed academically, but they have already brought that upon themselves.

I feel greatly for the teachers that have to put up with disruptive pupils on a daily basis, but i respect those that take action. So i guess this is a direct message to any teachers or other such academic professions; don’t settle for a mere ‘telling-off’, especially if the ‘telling-off’ seems to be a daily marathon. Take action, make the message stick in their minds. If they feel so passionately about the destructing of a school, the deconstruction of a child’s education, then they don’t deserve the gift of your school.

Note, my personal definition is someone whom mindlessly disrupts a lesson or other such academic field for no reason whatsoever, such as talking to a friend about irrelevant subjects or refusing to complete work with no set purpose.

-Benjamin John Wareing


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