Is ADHD a False Label Made to Place Our Blame Elsewhere?

We all know someone who has been labelled with ADHD; that annoying kid sat in class who couldn’t keep his mouth shut, or how about that woman in work who couldn’t stop fidgeting. It surrounds us, yet there is a dark cloud cast over it. Is ADHD real, or is it a label created in the sole purpose to serve our ego, to blame a medical disorder on something that is our own fault. Is it a real issue that doesn’t get the notice it deserves?

In my personal opinion, ADHD is NOT a real issue, and consequently is not a real diagnosis/ illness to fall back on. The key is in the title, “hyperactivity”. I am yet to see an individual that has come from a disciplined background, who has a healthy and balanced diet and who exercises regularly be labelled with ‘ADHD’. On the other side of the eerie blade of the argument, I have seen countless ‘diagnosed’ people fit those above criteria; an individual who turns to a red bull quicker than they can spell the word “water”, an individual raised by weak parents who let them on the streets for endless hours and cared not whether they lit up a pipe or weed in their room, or if their grades dropped to the floor almost as fast as they want to claim benefits. Let me put it blankly…I have NEVER seen a person labelled with ADHD who has a ‘good’ standard of living. This leads me to think, is the solution within us?

Allow me to explain my own upbringing, and how it proves my point. I have not had the best early life; my parents split, my mother is not strict, and I live in an area where crime rate might as well equal employment rate and I need not delve into the situation of benefits. However, I had strict discipline in my earlier years, thus setting my mindset as i grew into the angelic wings of independence. I knew right from wrong, I knew of displayable etiquette, and I knew how to contain myself. I understood that pointless hyperactivity gets me nowhere, and I learned that those diagnosed of ‘ADHD’ can “magically” be cured by simple discipline. Alternatively, I DO acknowledge that some may find this a hard concept to grasp, or some may even have a hard time to enforce discipline.

Now for my analysis that so many find so hard to understand. Learning these skills early on evidently change who you are. That is scientific fact, the whole ‘Nature VS Nurture’ argument. Unfortunately, my surrounding area absolutely sucked, where commonly the youth would rather turn to a quick fix of their favourite drug than go to the job centre, but my home life was flawless (within reason). I thank my mother and father for any signs of strictness when i was younger, because it turned me into who I am today. I could have easily been raised in a lenient manner, where they could allow me to join dossy-gangs and throw gun signs at pictures, then likely be diagnosed with ‘ADHD’ for the sole reason that im “hyper”, but that’s frankly crap. Whoever thinks they have ‘ADHD’ need’s a reality check; you DO NOT have a medical condition, you have just failed what society deems acceptable. All you need is discipline (Explain to me how no person in the military develops this mystical condition then…)

I fully understand people’s stories. I love hearing them, and I love the idea of broadening my mind. That is why I accept the idea that not many will share my view, and it isn’t my goal to change yours. I understand some parents may have only introduced discipline at too late of a date, thus their child doesn’t react positively and they feel “pinned against a wall”, but yet again, that doesn’t mean they have ADHD, it just means you were too late to act. Just because your child enjoys playing games at 8pm when it’s their bedtime doesn’t make them a problem child, just discipline them and teach them the right from wrong. Trust me, they will thank you for it in the future.

So my summary of this debate is this; I personally do not believe ADHD is a real condition, but I am in no place to make a professional comment. Although i’m no medical professional, i can speak from first hand experience. I speak as a young mind where those around me have a 2 in 5 chance of having “ADHD” – where the common trend is bad parenting. I speak as a young mind that understands that discipline is integral to a developing individual. For this, i thank John Wareing and Deborah Lyon for raising me with discipline. They were not the strictest, but they sure did enough for me to survive the endless diagnostics and false blaming.

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-Benjamin John Wareing


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