Interview With Cameron Rowe


Cameron Rowe is a popular comedian and takes on the notable role as the titled “Green Mile” on the global-hit show, “Storage Hunters”. Born in Detroit, he breaks all stigma’s with his talent and bubbly personality.

I conducted an E-mail interview with Cameron, and this is what I found out.

Hey man! it’s great to interview you on such short notice. I love your work in the show, “Storage Hunters” and your many comedy sketches!

Hey Ben! No worries man,Thanks for having me! Yeah, “Storage Hunters” is a great show and we always have a good time on set. Hopefully the show gets renewed for another season here in the states. It just got picked up by the ‘Reelz channel’ for re-runs and it still comes on ‘TRU TV’ so that’s a good sign. Also, I’m glad you enjoyed the comedy sketches, man. Thanks!

You feature as the ‘security/ lock-breaker’ on the globally renowned programme known as “Storage Hunters”. What is your favourite part of working on that show?

My favourite part of the show when filming is when a good fight breaks out and I get to break it up [Laughs] Also, there are some really cool things in the bins. I actually tried to bid on a few things myself. Off camera, I love ‘craft services’. Everyone pretty much gets along in the show except for….ahhh never mind. I’ll just keep that to myself!

Many people believe that “Storage Hunters” is fake, or there is a sense of pre-knowledge behind the items in the units. What would you say to the sceptics?

I get asked this question a lot. Storage Hunters is REAL. The fights are real and so are the bidding wars. Do some of them have other jobs? Yes; but that doesn’t mean what they do isn’t legit. Also, Some of the people on the show REALLY DO NOT like each other. I won’t mention any names, but I will say if they did a Storage Hunters: “Behind The Scenes” show, those ratings would go through the roof!

What has been your favourite or funniest item you have ever found in a unit?

I remember one time Sean Kelly and I were walking to a bin that was swarmed by bees. Sean is allergic (and scared) of bees, so he asked me if I could do the auction for him. I was a little nervous because there were bees everywhere. One almost flew in my mouth but I managed to get through it. It was pretty funny seeing me doing the auction; I was trying to imitate Sean the entire time. I soon discovered I needed to work on my Sean Kelly impression!

Recently, “Storage Hunters” has made its debut on British soil. What is the big difference between America and Britain in terms of the culture?

You know Ben, I haven’t had a chance to really watch that much of the UK version of “Storage Hunters”; however, I went to the UK a few months ago with and went on set when they were filming an episode. That was a lot of fun. The entire cast and production team were really cool. I think overall, the majority of the people in the UK are very polite. Americans have a reputation of being more ‘rude’. However, the Brits love a good banter – don’t get me wrong [Laughs] When I was in the UK, I didn’t realise the American version of “Storage Hunters” came on TV everyday. We have a massive fan base there. T.Money and I got recognised everywhere we went and so many fans came up to me and told me how much they love the show. The majority of them said they enjoy the American Version better but every show needs time to develop a good fan base. Sean, T. Money and myself are stand up comedians. We actually did the Leicester Comedy Festival when I was in the UK for three sold out shows! That was a truly great experience.

You’ve been a comedian for some time, as well as your role on “Storage Hunters”, so what is the next step for you? Would you ever like to play a role in a movie?

Yeah, man I have been doing stand up comedy almost 4 years now. It is truly my passion. It’s really hard to get stage time as a new comic in Los Angeles, so I did two things that really helped me when I first started; first, I took a comedy class in LA called “David Arnold’s Art of Stand Up comedy”, which is one of the BEST comedy classes back in the states. Also, Sean and T. Money had a comedy club in Hollywood and they let me perform there 6 days a week! I did this for thee years and it really helped me develop and hone my skills! Now I perform all over Hollywood at places like “The Comedy Store”, “Flappers Comedy Club”, “Haha Comedy Club” etc. I love doing stand up and acting. I would love to be in several movies and continue to do television in the states and in the UK.

You’re famously known as being extremely tall (6 foot 9!) so does this ever cause problems, or are people too scared to cause problems?

[Laughs] Nobody is scared of me, man! No, the truth is people may be scared of me initially, but the people who really know me aren’t scared of me at all. I’m very easy-going and I smile and laugh all the time. I used to try to act tough when I was younger but I have embraced the ‘true teddy bear’ that I really am. With that said, don’t get it twisted, Ben. I’m still a big black dude from Detroit and I will kick ass and take names if I need to! But when you’re as big as I am, people tend to get out of your way when you’re angry or upset.

Where would you like to see yourself in 10 years time?

10 years from now I would love to be staring in my own sitcom, starring in a top movie, and touring – doing stand up in the states and different parts of the world. When I did the ‘Leicester Comedy Festival’ in the UK back in February, it really was an eye opener into how far I can go with comedy. Anything is possible with the right attitude and focus.

What would you say to a young person growing up in today’s world, in terms of education, prospects, etc.?

I would say no matter what you want to do with your life, education is important. I believe everyone should get the full college (or “Uni”, as you guys say in the UK) experience. I graduated from Seattle University where I played basketball (Go Redhawks!) and I’ve had some of the most memorable experiences during that time. You can still get an education and follow your dreams. My father is a great example of this; he played in NBA for 10 seasons, however still got his degree at UCLA. As for the people who feel college isn’t for them, you can still educate yourself daily. We should never stop learning.

I heard your dad was a big basketball star. Did he ever pressure you into following in his foot-steps?

Yeah, he played on three national teams at UCLA and then played in the NBA for the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons. I grew up in a suburb of Detroit Called ‘Southfield’, aka “The Best Place on Earth!”, but no, my dad never pressured me to ‘play ball’. He, along with my mother, encouraged me to get an education no matter what.

You’ve been absolutely awesome to interview and I wish you the best of luck in the future!

Hey, no problem Ben! Don’t be a stranger man hit me up on twitter and I’ll let you know next time I’m back in the UK. Hey, anybody who feels like it, please follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @camthebigfella and Facebook: Cam Rowe. Thanks!


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