An Apology (Of Sorts)

Recently, my report in regards to Frances Robles has been trending, attracting both positive and negative attention.

Due to the latter of those, I wish to explain some things.
Firstly, I never wished to offend the “brony” scene, or the My Little Pony fan group. The only reason I used ‘you’ as an example was because to me, it represents a large part of the Internet. That’s not a negative thing, you’re a big part of what makes the Internet what it is! I know this may have hurt people’s feelings, and I apologise if you took it in this way. I understand many people would feel this is a personal attack, but it isn’t. It was blown out of proportion by the reporting articles who decided to use it as a headline and post twisted truths of what I said. For this, I am enraged with the articles that have written about this.
Secondly, I’d like to apologise to Frances Robles. Although I don’t regret what I did, I regret that she was the one it ended up being aimed at. The purpose of it was to report on how easily media can be influenced without proof, and the report was to suggest a change in the process of taking down information. It wasn’t to highlight the “troll”, it was a merely constructive thing. Of course, someone had to take it, and sadly you were the first. I’m aware you’re a multi-award winning reporter, and I really respect that! I but hope you accept this apology and take something constructive from this.
I am disappointed that such headlines focus on the innocent party of the “My Little Pony” ‘fandom’, and I want readers to know I had no part in the title making or content construction.  The sole purpose of this report was to highlight the fault in how some reporters obtain information without fact checking.

If I had it my way, I would be severely highlighting the change that needs to occur, for the future of our reporters and the future of our reportings.
Regrettably, I will be taking a short break from my blog to recover from the damage caused by different media. Headlines focused on the wrong message have led to me and my family being attacked. This is something we need to work through together, and damaging headlines that focus on the wrong message and not the major message only make it worse for us. Thank you for reading and I will be back soon.

I apologise if you took offence, but to the thousands who show support, I thank you.

-Benjamin John Wareing.


36 thoughts on “An Apology (Of Sorts)

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  3. It’s great that you apologized further showing about you had no intent in hurting the brony fandom. I know that your intentions are pure for the sake of correcting journalism, but remember everyone is not going to like your decisions and based on how much people were hurt and are easily fooled/misunderstood by lies, especially on the internet. You should not blame yourself, or the fandom, but the media for believing everything they hear, even the most silliest of examples. The fact that they took that a racist killer was a My Little Pony fan was beyond horrendous. Unfortunately, there are people out there that are trying to make the situation worse with “proof” with your story (Photoshop), trying to make the fandom look bad and you as the sole instigator to starting a major fight. So I blame the trolls as well. And for the small number of fans being upset about, I think your apology should be enough. Since My Little Pony is one of those things that cause conversation and can get easily noticed, good or bad, its was a good way to show how gullible the media and some people are. Overall you did what you had to do and it worked, and to show people and the media they should not always believe whatever they hear, especially on the internet. So stay strong, and keep remind people of your real intentions, and trust me you don’t have to worry about this anymore.

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      • Don’t worry about it man, you did what you think is right. For the brony example you used, it really is a common example, but also a vulnerable one. The fandom has been exposed to a bunch of trolling and abuse on the internet since day one, because of a couple loud members or that the fact that watching a cartoon like this is wrong and you are a fat, obsessed, perverted loser, especially if you are male and an adult. So the fans that didn’t like what you did are not really out to get you, but in a way for people to stop assuming bad stuff about the fandom, and that every fan is racist and/or killing people. I know it wasn’t your intention, but considering the internet, people are going to assume that was your intent. In a way, they just want to enjoy the show without any problems, and not to be involved in any drama, especially something like this. So for that don’t be hard on them, or think the community is out to get you. Either way keep your chin up, and keep doing what you have to do. As long what you believe what is right and understand the feelings of those involved in this, you are going to be okay.


  4. That wasn’t a mistake, you used a very common example to get the word out about false reporting. Of course the combination of this recent tragedy with MLP wasn’t going to bring out the best outcome. But at least you got exposed the cheating in journalism, and people will see that. Still, keep telling the people what you really wanted, and to tell them to not listen to anyone else that says otherwise. Ignore the negative backlash, and you will see the positive changes you want. Keep on pushing!


  5. If you really do want to be one of the “good” journalists someday — the adversarial kind that speaks truth to power — then you’ll have to get used to the verbal abuse from readers as it comes with the territory. Developing thick skin is really important to good journalism. There are already too many journalists in the world of the type that are timid, obsequious, and just want access to power.
    You’re young, however, and you’ve already apologized, which shows character, and maybe you do need a little break and to stay out of trouble. But I also hope you’ll come back strong and continue stirring the pot.

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    • I’m great with dealing with abuse, that’s fine with me. It’s only when they dragged my family and personal social life threatening my safety that I had to take action.

      As I’ve said, I’ve apologised and I hope they hear that.

      Thank you for your awesome comment, by the way


    • Hahah I’m not sure if you were aiming to be funny there, but that really made me laugh!

      This is exactly why I want to go into journalism, to change how it is and how people report whilst keeping their integrity!

      Loved the comment!


  6. My comment is awaiting moderation. Again.

    One of the things I said in my comment was that you need to develop a thicker skin to shrug off nasty comments but still be able to take criticism and not dismiss it (basically to the point where you habitually say point noted, it is valid, but don’t be so f’ing rude).

    Post my comments and we’ll see if you have or not, ok? Why are you censoring them? Is it my statement about you being twitter friends with the person that started the anti-pony photoshops which makes your claims that you only chose them for being ‘a large part of the internet’ rather dubious?

    And why did you decide to stay quiet and leave? Even if your family are being harassed, that should make you rebel and push even harder – especially given your stance on cyberbullying, which I agree with that you can simply block things, but not your belief that there are not victims and it is a conspiracy to propagate that idea. You owe it to them.

    if you honestly believe your own words at all, then don’t stay quiet.

    Come on. Be more mature than that. Be the journalist you can be.


  7. It is nice to see a sort-of apology for the Bronies, honestly I was doubting to see even that much. So kudos for doing that.

    However, I still really feel you do not really understand the magnitude of what you almost did here either. Yes, you exposed that news media, even well established ones and award winning reporters will sometimes print ‘facts’ before verifying them in an attempt to get the ‘scoop’ on a new angle on huge stories.

    You also however in the process intentionally painted a huge bullseye on the back of the Brony community infront of a global audience very upset over a racially motivated mass murder. A community that already suffers from past poor media reports and in part of this is already mistrusted and prejudged by these quite biased reports. For every Fox expose on ‘Man-baby fans of MLP’ there are probably 100,000 or more who are dull, ordinary people that no-one ever hears about because well, their ordinary and thus not news-worthy.

    Suppose for a moment that the NY times took the ball and ran with it, and other media sources then followed. Suppose the screenshots your followers were creating to support and help promote this fabrication on your part went viral? Did you ever think of the end result would be for the Bronies if you managed to succeed in linking this group with a recent mass murder with an exceptionally angry and emotional audience?

    That is the part that really worries me, for in this way you are much like a kid throwing a match on a wood pile wondering how big a fire you can make, but not really putting any thought into what happens next, after your curiosity is satisfied.

    Suppose your fabrication became popular ‘fact’ and because there are a lot of very upset people over this shooting someone or someones went out Brony hunting for a little payback?

    Your story could very well could have gotten innocent people hurt who would have only been involved in this very emotionally charged situation because of a lie you created to see how far you could spread it before anyone caught you.

    You might have had some noble intentions in your experiment (or just another troll with a good cover story), but your implementation could have gone horribly wrong so very easily.

    That is what has so many people I think upset with you. And I sincerely hope that if you try this kind of con again; that next time you put some thought into what the potential results will be for those you are involving instead of just concentrating on if you can get away with it or not.


    • I understand that thoroughly and yet again I want to apologise to you and your community you represent whilst typing to me.
      The aim was never malicious, and I blame that partly on the reporters who used it as a headline/ focus, when in reality, it was only a sentence long in mention.

      Anyway I wish you the best in life and hope you enjoy the remainder of your day! Thank you for the lengthy and heartfelt message.


      • Thanks for reading and the reply.

        For the record I a not really angry, but perhaps a little disappointed in that Bronies are once again the target for undeserved bad publicity and certainly exceptionally worried about how horribly easily it all could have snowballed and gone terribly wrong.

        Digital media is a tricky thing and things you would not expect to gain much attention suddenly become huge top stories. (Black-Blue dress and the more recent Rue McClanahan eulogizing both gaining international attention readily come to mind for examples).

        However, thankfully the ‘Brony’ angle had a relatively short run in the spotlight this time.

        Threats against yourself and your family are certainly an extreme reaction and I think uncalled for, you and your family really should not be be having to deal with that and I am sorry for this. But at least head count the Brony ‘population’, if you will, is at recent count around 10-15 million. That is a group larger then the resident population for several countries around the world. The downside of this is that there are almost certainly to be some rather extreme personalities and reactions in that large a grouping as well sadly.

        Hopefully this backlash does not last long, and has no real repercussions for you and yours. Threats are serious but also unfortunately rather common these days on the internet (I believe Rob Schneider one said that if he does not receive at least a dozen death threats for any role or movie, he worries that he had done a horrible job).

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      • I still think what you did was amazing. You pointed out a terrible flaw in the American news media. What Jonathan says below, is very true… bronies are a VERY large group with a large presence on the internet. The majority of us are ordinary average guys with ordinary average jobs and ordinary average lives… Except we like cartoon ponies! XD

        The problem with large fandoms, is 1% of a thousand is 10 people… 1% of 10 million is 100000! If 1% of the fandom are loud, obnoxious, reactionary asshats that whine and cry at every little negative publicity out there… Well, that “minority” can become quite overwhelming, quite fast. I’m incredibly sorry you got targeted by that minority.

        Know that I support what you did. You achieved something amazing… You outed apathy to accuracy.

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    • It was already stated before, that no, Wareing does not know the photoshopped who did the picture. The person who did the picture followed Wareing on Twitter AFTER the picture was created and the blog was posted.


  8. At least you had the balls to admit what you did was wrong and take responsibilities for your actions. Not many ‘adults’ can say the same.

    And yes, I am also a brony. And yes, they’re quite a few of them that give the fandom a bad name but you know what? ALL fandoms have their bad apples. But that’s too much for the haters to understand. In fact, they are a lot of people out there that hate the brony fandom so much that they just come up with some illogical reasoning behind their hatred. Recently, I found someone on YouTube posting on a video where someone made a cross-remix of a showtune from the show and Mario Kart music calling bronies pedophiles and how they ruin everything. I called him out on it and he couldn’t come up with a logical answer other than the usual ‘the show is for little girls and not adult males.’ I question the age of that person too.

    Look, from a 30-year old brony to someone who’s a year younger than my sister and two years older than my first brother, learn from your mistake. Admittedly, what you did legitimately pissed me off. Not because you dragged one of the fandoms that I’m proud to be apart of, but that you added more fuel for the people that just want to see bronies die and the next thing you know it won’t be about the nine people that were killed by a 21-year old ‘kid’ anymore. It’d be about a show training its fans to commit hate crimes or whatever lies they want to make up just to create a story and sell papers. That’s all I gotta say about that.

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    • I appreciate your comment, and I apologise to you. I’m aware there are bad apples and I’m glad to see you’re not one of them.
      I shouldn’t have referenced MLP, but what’s done is done.
      I hope we can all move on from this!


    • There will always be people who hate us bronies. Going on a “social justice” tirade against every bit negative publicity is only ever going to do one thing… Wear YOU out!

      You claiming to be 30 only makes me a little sad for you, because you STILL haven’t learned the self confidence to realize that you don’t need to care that there are people out there that don’t like you. People will be people. The haters win when you get yourself so worked up over just the IDEA of you being hated in the first place.

      Maybe when you get to be my age, you’ll have learned to let go of those kinds of worries. Maybe I’m just the unusual one. Oh well, not my concern. If I’m odd, then so be it. I find my life with less stress, and I feel i am better for it. I’ll just live my life. Truth be told, I was thrilled once I read the news about this social experiment! I commended, and even thanked Wareing for being so bold!


      • I replied to Kevin Forte, where he claimed to be 30… WordPress has… bad nesting for replies. It puts my reply to him, after your comment, and then leave no indication or marker as to who the reply was for, save for a small indent. Furthermore, I had to reply to myself, because you can’t reply o ANY comment nested more than 3 levels down.

        Like I said… WordPress has a flat out horrible commenting system.


      • Trust me, I am 30 and I actually get a good laugh at people who hate on bronies just for the sake of hating. You know the ones that can’t give good reasons behind their hate to save their lives? That one guy on YouTube only annoyed me cause he compared bronies to pedophiles which I found disgusting.

        All of that hate towards the fandom just flies right past me. I’m sure we’ve been called worse but I’ve yet to come across it. Hope I clarified things for you. richfiles.

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  9. dude dont apologize to “bronies” they are pedophiles, perverts, and rapists. what right do they have to be watching a childs cartoon show. I personally wont rest on my campaign against them to reveal the truth


    • Well, I’ll have you know that I voted for Trump. I am a conservative. I enjoy My Little Pony because it is a very well written, well animated, and moral show, with interesting and compelling characters and settings. I can watch it with family, and simultaneously not be offended, not feel it’s inappropriate for children, but also not be bored to tears watching it! XD

      You are nothing more than a dimwitted prejudiced drone, believing whatever propaganda you hear.
      Grow up!


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