Facebook Psychology Tests

Recently, there have been “worries” that following the ‘rainbow profile edit’ people could readily access through Facebook to ‘show support for gay marriage’, the team over at Facebook have been performing some elusive psychology test on us. Some believe it’s to show a correlation with friends, some believe it’s to represent geographical figures of supporters in certain areas. Either way, I don’t care.
Well, I should rephrase that. I don’t care that they MIGHT have performed a psychology test following the gay marriage legalisation. I don’t care that a report might have been made following the rainbow filter addition. In fact, I’m pro-testing. Let me trying explain this one;

we all (hopefully) understand the legalisation of gay marriage across all 50 states is a wholly positive change. That’s a given. The rainbow filter can positively represent your support. Therefore, the intended purpose of the filter has been achieved, for an individual to represent their support.

But, why leave it at that. If a suitable report can be made from it AFTER the ‘event’ has passed, why shun it? That’s like accidentally discovering the cure for cancer whilst researching Parkinson’s Disease, but deciding not to use the cure because it was found in a different examination.

No. We use what we get, as long as its beneficiary. This psychology test, should there actually be one, is indeed beneficiary. It would allow useful data to be obtained from the otherwise useless rainbow filter (I describe it as useless in a physical sense, as in it makes no difference if you have it or not)
We are a developing world, where research fuels almost every aspect of us. From the photosynthesising process plants make and our understanding of it to the complex blood transfusions we undertake. Research makes it safe and research makes change. Why should we complain about research on our psychology?
In a social sense, I endorse what the team at Facebook may be doing. Rather than sitting back and allowing the world to pass by without any effort, they are enacting change. They are performing such tests to better our world. Be it a small change in the adverts we see, to a large change such as future technology and perhaps even psyoactive medication. Everything has its positives, so focus on them.
If you’re that worried or concerned about being a part of a mass psychology research, don’t be on social media, otherwise it’s inevitable.

Embrace change and move on with times, or stay in the past and forever wonder why you’re behind the rest.
(Image courtesy of Facebook)

-Benjamin John Wareing


4 thoughts on “Facebook Psychology Tests

  1. I agree that it doesn’t seem to be a problem and in fact it’s good to see them doing good work with the testing as it is inevitable, every business does testing doesn’t it? Facebook just happens to have the largest test group the world has ever seen!

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