Dreams can be so Deceiving

I chose this title almost in homage to a song I am enjoying at the moment titled ‘Twisted’ by Eminem. Although the context may be miles away from my own interpretation, that is what music aims to do. It taps into the deepest depths of our own brain and brings out the best and worst of us all.

To me, this line holds similarities to the literal meaning, that ‘dreams can be a lie’, specifically occurring when were younger.

I’m not speaking of the chocolate-field, happiness-filled dreams in our sleep, but our aspirations. When we were convinced that we wanted to be a policeman or an astronaut or an inventor. When our creativity was at a peak, when we could sit for hours creating our own universe centralised on a few Lego characters. When we were ourselves, and only true to ourselves. I’m speaking about what we wanted from the beginning, and how drastically that is changed. How our dreams can be so deceiving.

We spend the majority of our early life in education, being taught definitively what is right and what is wrong in all aspects; how music has to be played at a certain note, how our math has to sum up, how our punctuation has to be immaculate or how to prove E=MC^2. Everything we are taught early on provides us with the notion that there are only two paths in life, right and wrong. And this sticks with many of us.

When that intelligent child in the class wanted to be a policeman, the school pushed him harder to be a scientist. When that slightly slow-thinking child wanted to be an astronaut, those around him told him that it would never happen. I am willing to bet that 9 out of 10 adults are performing jobs that they had no intention of working in when they were younger.

This is why I say that dreams can be so deceiving.

Naturally, all the blame can’t be placed upon those around us. Sometimes our dreams just change. This actually happened to me last month. Prior to my change, I was adamant on becoming an artist and a tattooist. That suddenly changed and I realised my passion for writing. Dreams do change within us, but surely that leads to the fact that dreams can deceive us all.

Another shift I have noticed in our aspirations as we grow up tends to be a trend towards production rather than self-expression. Yet again, obviously this does not apply to us all, but in the common trend amongst us. We are told to be formal, get correct answers as fast as we can, follow a particular format and work for someone else. Not once have I ever been taught that I can make it on my own terms. Not once have I been taught about the successes of entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg or Lord Alan Sugar.  Instead, all our career work goes towards finding employment elsewhere; contributing to someone higher than ourselves. Sure, perhaps this may be needed to build yourself up to your own employment and your own business, but why teach it as if this is long term?

The ultimate message I want to get across in this short article is that dreams are what you make of them. Don’t allow your dreams to be shifted or moulded over what others want them to be. If you want to be a vet, be a vet. If you want to be a hairdresser, be a hairdresser. If you want to be a GP, go and become a GP. Follow your own heart, and be comfortable with what your heart tells you. Sometimes you have to listen to your heart over your mind; that’s what I did and that’s why I still write!

Success can only come when you put in the effort, so put in the effort with something you enjoy. That way, it becomes more of a hobby than a job.

Dreams can be so deceiving, don’t let them be.

-Benjamin John Wareing


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