Dawson Raymond, The Canadian Pedophile Hunter

Dawson Raymond is the latest addition to the vigilantism world against pedophilia. He joins hundreds of controversial individuals who aim to humiliate and expose brazen pedophiles. Here is my ‘conversation-type’ interview with Mr Raymond, which is also Dawsons first public interview ever.

Hey man, it’s awesome to speak about such a major issue. Could you explain what you’re trying to achieve here?

Well, I’m trying to clean up the streets. Our children are our futures and something as dramatic as having one of these guys ruin their innocence would possibly mess up their lives, or even worse, lead to suicides and mental illnesses. It’s not right and I can’t stand for it.

I’m doing what I can to stop it. I could do this as a full time job for life and still not be able to catch half of them, there’s that many. It took me twenty minutes to find nine of them.

Nine in twenty minutes…that seems like a surreal amount. How did you ‘find’ them?

I just went on a dating website and acted like a 13 year old girl.

Did they believe you straight away, or did some of them appear skeptical?

I lied about my age (as the 13 year old girl) at first, then once they talked to me for a bit, I admitted my under-aged status and they still ‘went for it’. I mean these guys I’m catching give me their numbers so I can link it all right back to them. They’re directly texting me (as the 13 year old girl) by the end of the process.

So at first you lied about the fictional girl’s age as though you were of legal age, then told them you were under-aged to see if they stayed?

Yes, exactly.

So, we had a popular guy try what you’re doing (Stinton Hunter) here in the UK. A lot of people didn’t agree with his work, are you worried about that happening with you?

Yeah, I mean I’m a bit worried but I have tonnes of support, but I’m not sure how the police are gonna’ go with this. We’ll see, I guess.

But one of your friends told me that a dude you caught/ recorded is being arrested and charged. Is that not true?

Well I’ve got to report him first. I’ve got all his texts, phone number and license plate so we’ll see what happens.

Some people would raise concern over how you entice these guys to meet you. What exactly do you say for them to agree to meet you?

I just play it out (improvise) I mean I let them lure me, if anything!

So they control a lot of how it goes down, such as the meeting places and times?

Well, more so on the times. I tell them where to meet.

Do you try to make them meet you in the public, like other vigilantes?

Always, so others can see them as well. I make a scene, if I can.

So there’s an aspect of you humiliating them when you confront them?

Of course. I mean, that’s really my main goal; make them think about what they’re doing. Embarrass them to the point where they won’t do it again.

Ethically, that can be seen as quite a strong negative. What if those guys then go and do something reckless after your encounters, such as commit suicide? That’s happened many times before.

Well that’s something I don’t wish upon anyone, but if they want to justify themselves that way, so be it.

Are you doing this for any form of ‘fame’?

Not at all.

What is your overall message to any pedophiles or would-be pedophiles out there?

Stay away from our kids or I’m coming for ya [sic]

Thanks for your time, Dawson.

-Benjamin John Wareing


10 thoughts on “Dawson Raymond, The Canadian Pedophile Hunter

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  2. As a mother of two young boys I fully support what you are doing, after all our kids are our future and if these people (pedophiles) weren’t going for young children an not people their own age this wouldn’t happen at all to begin with. Keep up the good work Dawson!


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