Short Hiatus Reasoning

Hello readers,

This will be formatted as a sort of open letter, but let me explain my reasoning before you get worried. I will be coming back, just like after my NYT article, but this is for a separate reason.

Recently, I’ve begun to write a fictional novel. I can’t divulge the full details, but it’s aimed at young adults (teenagers upwards) and it’s a full length book (towards 64,000 words)

Now, obviously this is a big devotion, and its a big devotion I aim to take fully seriously. Ergo, most of my literature efforts are going into this. Books typically take upwards of a year to write, and I acknowledge that this is an incredibly long time to stage a hiatus, so it’ll be like patch-work; some times I’ll focus full effort into the book, other times I’ll focus fully on the blog.

This isn’t permanent, rest assured, only a little set back.

I’ll be pushing to continually provide regular articles here. This is my most beloved literature medium, so you won’t be forgotten! I aim to post within the next week or two, so all hope is not lost.

Thank you ever so much for your continued patience, but good things are to come!

Yours sincerely,

Benjamin John Wareing


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