Brief Synopsis of my Fictional Book

As some of you are aware, my blog ‘hiatus’ has been the result of my writing a fictional book. Because of the sheer patience displayed by you all, and my devotion to this blog, I feel it only necessary to offer a brief-yet-full synopsis of what is happening in the mystical world of book writing (for me, at least)

To begin with, the target audience is aimed at young adults, like books by esteemed authors John Green and Veronica Roth, as the young adult mind – the demographic I coincidentally fit into – is the most vibrant, exploration-fueled and impressionable audience there is. I know this for a fact, as for when I read a young adult book, it sticks with me. It becomes part of my life for the duration of reading it. For example; Looking For Alaska would be the only thing I talked about whilst my endeavors within it’s pages.

Aside from target audience, I aim to create a full length novel; not a short or medium one, but a full, in-depth novel that someone can truly learn to love whilst reading. This was a conscious decision that I pondered for some time, but realised it to be for the best. The more you read of a captivating story, the more you live the characters lives and ponder “what if?” You make the story yours, and only yours, in a thought process wildly differing from your friends.

With this, the book will be towards roughly 65,000 words split between 10-20 chapters (I haven’t got the whole chapters part locked down yet, but I’m trying!)

In terms of basic plot-line, I don’t want to give too much away. There are only a very tiny handful of people in the world that I’ve told of the plot, and I hope to maintain that secrecy. However, I think you all deserve to know a little bit to tantalize your imaginations and ask for your feedback…your honest feedback (please!)

The story is told from the perspective of a 17 year old male called Danyon (I have his last name, but that’s a little sneaky part of the story, so I’m not slipping that one out just yet) Danyon lives with his father in a rather messy house, a “creative mess.” He becomes infatuated, in a non creepy way, with a girl in one of his classes and sets out to win her affection. Of course, there are a few swerve balls amongst this ‘cheesy love story,’ both effecting Danyon himself and the girl he admires. With these ‘swerve balls’, as I’ll call them, Danyon must assure the girl he loves that he does in fact love her, whilst working out who he himself really is.

It’s kind of a love story mixed with grief, as you’ll see soon. Don’t worry, though, it’s generally far from ‘sappy and romantic’, but rather a true representation of teenage love in today’s technology dictated world – non of that ‘fairy tale’ stuff.

In terms of where I am up to now, I have completed 5000 words set into 3 chapters (which will probably be merged come final edit) but it’s looking good! (At least I hope it is, I may be biased but I’m also tediously scrupulous about it)

Because I’m feeling particularly kind, I’ll give you one extract that I particularly like. No context, no foreword, just the extract. Enjoy!

Within my bedroom paradise, cold beer in one hand and phone in the other, I performed the mandatory ‘Facebook’ scroll of the evening. This was my time of the day to seriously judge people’s life decisions; copious amounts of PDA (public display of affection), horrendously cringe-worthy selfies and terribly spelt statuses moaning about politics or other such nonsense that no-one cares about at this time of day.

In a change of heart, I made the rather impulsive but hearty decision to message [REDACTED] first, you know, spice things up a bit. I pondered for a short while over what to say. “Hey,” seemed too vague and distant, whereas “Heyyy,” seemed too needy and obsessive. I finally settled for this masterpiece;

“Heyy,” Yes, not too formal but not too needy. Quite chatty, actually! God, I was too proud of such a stupid little word.


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