Social Action Plan

As you may well have read following my wonderful experience on NCS Leaders 2015/16, I have been inspired to follow on with a social action project. Now this isn’t anything new in the world of NCS, as it’s extremely heavily encouraged. The only difference is I’m going it alone*.

The oddity with this is that typically, an entire region helps with the process. To put this into perspective, my region has 6 young people on its regional board (including myself.) That would be 6 people working on the same goal. Following the teachings on the division of labour, this would make the task ridiculously easy in comparison to ‘going it alone’.

Well, I guess I like a challenge, and I’m not alone per say. I still have the support of my regional group, plus the other NCS Leaders, but in essence, I’m a self decided lone wolf here. This is for one core reason; I know what I want.

Before I explain that, I’ll give you a very brief, simplified version of the mission statement behind my social action project;

  • Giving a platform for young people to write on without judgement based on ability.
  • Guiding young people into the world of media and literature through tutoring and other such education without financial burden.
  • Building young people’s CVs with invaluable experience and guidance.

Basically, I aim to create a website/ organisation wherein young people can write on, produce for, edit and run themselves. It will also offer guidance for those needing it, and a platform where a persons ability will not be judges on a negative basis. It will help them increase their English skills through simple and effective tutoring, as well as guidance with how to structure articles, language to use and the importance of self expression and individuality; lessons they don’t teach you in school.

The project is aimed at young people, primarily those aged between 16-25 and will be hopefully funded through initial grants, basic, non-intrusive advertisements and donations.

The ultimate goals, in simple form, are listed below;

  • To give young people a safe platform to be productive.
  • To build the young persons CV and experience.
  • To introduce young people into the world of media, in particular article writing and news responses; vital skills for the working world of newspapers, magazines and reporting.
  • Create a self-sufficient website that funds itself.
  • Offer advice across a wide span of hours, available to all contributors.
  • Become a social enterprise that changes young people’s lives.

I haven’t gone too much into detail as this is in the early stages, and a lot is still changing and being implemented. However, a full and detailed mission statement will be posted here within the coming week or two. There, you will understand my full goal, how it will be achieved, and what the website will aim to do in order to benefit the youth of my community and hopefully the wider nation. I’m extremely excited for this opportunity, and I look forward to helping many young people on their journeys through this venture!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask below. I know I have been fairly vague here, but I have a clear goal for this and that will be efficiently portrayed in the mission statement.

-Benjamin John Wareing


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