What We Crave

I ask myself often, what does love bring?

What attracts us to such beautiful pain, 

and what makes us chase such hideous strain?

I guess love is just a confusing thing.

Do we enjoy the hurt that love inflicts,

or the jealousy that eats us alive?

Why do we treat love as if it’s our ‘revive’

when really it’s our demise, it contradicts.

What do I really think of love, you ask?

I crave love. I crave it’s cruel destruction.

I crave to be tricked by love’s facade-mask,

to have my mind blind’d by its obstruction.

I crave the senseless weightlessness – to bask.

Screw this, I hate love; sick mind abduction.

– Benjamin John Wareing | 30.11.2015


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