As you may well be able to tell, today is the jolliest of all days; Christmas!

As a thank you for the past year’s worth of support and adventures, I’m doing a ‘little’ giveaway.

Below are a list of 50 codes. Among them, there are:

  1. 2 full Fallout 4 game downloads (CLAIMED)
  2. 1 full Fallout 3 game download (CLAIMED)
  3. 2 season pass downloads for Fallout 4 (CLAIMED)
  4. 1 1 year Xbox Live Gold Membership (CLAIMED)
  5. 1 Battlefield4/ Hardline Bundle (CLAIMED)
  6. 1 2-day Xbox Live Gold membership (CLAIMED)
  7. 1 3 month Xbox Live Gold membership (CLAIMED)
  8. 45 ‘dud’ codes

Well, it looks like all the codes have been claimed! I hope those who claimed the codes have a brilliant time, and those who didn’t enjoyed the challenge!

Have a beautiful Christmas and spend invaluable time with those you love. With seasons love…


– Benjamin John Wareing


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