The Dark Age of the Internet

EDIT- The “Calum” profile that claims to have created the “eatmyload” accounts is both using a fake name and a picture of Calum Hood from the boyband ‘5 seconds of summer’. However, the individual behind the pseudonym still claims to have created the accounts in question. (Disclaimer – I am in no way insinuating Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer is behind this account. The true individual behind the account is using Calum’s identity to hide behind)

This is a very disturbing and difficult topic to research, and although I have devoted a lot of my time understanding criminology and why individuals perpetrate such crimes, I still find it a very hard subject to write about. The evidently unstoppable impact on a child as their photos and videos are circulated around the internet is wholly destructive and deeply paralyzing. Everyone must play a role in the prevention of child pornography circulation, or even appearing, on the internet.

Everyone knows the Internet has the ‘dark sides’ to it; like as a child, we’re told to avoid those dark and creepy alleys and stay somewhere lit and busy. This ‘dark side’ is often called the deep web.

The deep web is typically pretty inaccessible for the average internet user, requiring the use of TOR-like services to access it, masking the users digital footprint in the form of their IP. However, as I’ve noticed more increasingly, the dark web has seeped through the surface like the side vents of a volcano. They break the surface and cause havoc for however long they remain there, before scuttling back to the boiling chamber under the ‘blanket’ layer of the ‘safe’ internet.

One such disturbing example is the presence of child pornography on the social media mediums of Instagram and Twitter. Of course there will be hidden accounts flooded with these disturbing images, but like the deep web, these remain hidden. Not this example.

Recently, a user by the name of “@eatmyload” (many other variations exist which will be labeled below for you to report) has surfaced extremely publicly, posting clear and lengthy depictions of grotesque and disturbing child pornography with captions such as, and I quote, “THESE GUYS JUST HAD SEX WITH THE GIRLS BECAUSE THEY WERE ENJOYING[sic]”. Clearly a distorted view on the world.

The accounts themselves are extremely public, as explained before, having garnered a total of over 40,000 followers combined.

Rather quite stupidly, the owner of these accounts has appeared equally as publicly, urging his followers of the “@eatmyload” account to follow his personal Twitter, and with his frequent rants explaining, and I quote, “I KNOW EH[sic] CRIME BUT IF THE CHILD LIKES BITCH EH[sic] SHOULDN’T BE”, or in English, explaining how it shouldn’t be illegal if the ‘child likes it’. The vile human behind these accounts, known only as “Calum” (a stolen identity from Calum Hood of 5sos) can be found on Twitter at “@lixocalum”(image below).


With this new, and often more frequent, rise in the ‘dark web’ seeping into our ‘safe’ reality online, we must ask ourselves whether there’s anything we can do to stop it.

Sadly, there isn’t. Whilst law enforcement agencies are seriously cracking down on the treatment and punishment of child pornography cases, the images are still there. Like with the “@eatmyload” account, over 40,000 people have now seen these videos and could have saved them. Thats 40,000 more than before. Even more saddening is the fact that it will pretty much remain impossible to stem the uploading of child pornography online without the direct monitoring of everything we post, which we all know isn’t wanted.

Whilst there may not be a way to directly stop this brutalist and disturbing behavior, we can certainly remain proactive in the fight to remove it as soon as possible and to convict those responsible. HERE is a guide to staying safe online.

Here are the list of known accounts belonging to or affiliated with “@eatmyload”. I urge you to both report it to the relevant social media platform AND the official Cyber Tips website.

Twitter: @_eatmyload

Twitter: @lixocalum

Instagram: eatmyload_

Instagram: eatmyload

Instagram:  eatmyload2

Instagram: disturbingvideos_smh

Instagram: eatmyload.5

Other accounts may surface.

As ever, stay vigilant on the internet and report any such accounts to the link above to keep our internet clean and safe.

Every child deserves to be safe from such sickening abuse and humiliation. If you have been affected by any of the content described or seek advice, please visit the NSPCC or ChildLine websites. Report any personal incidents directly to the police or someone you trust, such as a teacher, parent, relative or friend.

-Benjamin John Wareing



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