The Beautiful Fall of Bryan Silva

Almost any frequent user of Vine or Facebook will know of the seemingly-pseudonym name of Bryan Silva; a young man who rose to ‘Internet fame’ by posting a video and making gun noises. This promptly gave way to the rise of the hashtag ‘#gratata’ and thus began his infamy online.

Silva has long been a controversial figure online, with a total of around 2 million followers on Facebook and video app ‘Vine’ combined, perhaps mainly due to his odd video style; typically a vlog-style explaining his mixtape, his girlfriend, his daily adventures or his ‘gangster lifestyle’, all seemingly satirical to the viewer but all too real to Silva. Unbeknown to many people, Bryan also used to star in a series of hardcore gay pornographic videos under the name “Max Payne” (original, huh. How ‘gangster’)

After many internet ‘memes’ and expulsion from the internet’s largest groups, Silva has finally reached the culmination of his ‘talents’ – being arrested on multiple charges.

This comes following the 3rd of January 2016, where Bryan apparently held hostage his 17 year old girlfriend (he is 25) at gunpoint, making threats of shooting police and posting his point of view videos in real time to his hundreds of thousands of onlookers online. He spent all day in a tense stand-off with the police, with sniper teams and swat teams amongst many facing him. Silva was finally apprehended following a chemical irritant being deployed into the house he barricaded himself into, and he sheepishly emerged…with his pants literally down his legs.

A rather undignified end for such a prolific ‘gangster’ online.

The story is still developing and Bryan is expected to face court on Monday 4th January charged with both abduction and the possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

In the meantime, you can enjoy his mugshot: 

And you can enjoy this serenely beautiful picture: 

– Benjamin John Wareing


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