New Viral App ‘STOLEN’


 A new ‘super-viral’ App has grasped the Apple App Market by it’s weakened neck, stealing the attention of hundreds of thousands of desperate users.

Stolen is unique in a few aspects, namely the fact that one must require a code to enter. Once entered, this user receives a code to invite someone else. Of course, this gives way to creating a monetary value for the codes, with offers on Twitter ranging from the exchange of nudes, free followers, shoutouts, FIFA points and even up to $35 in one instance. It goes without saying that the availability of the codes is less than the demand for the app.

The app (game?) itself is insanely addictive. I’ve been ‘playing’ it for the past day non-stop and still not gotten bored. It works vaguely like a stock market, except the goods for ‘purchase’ are other Twitter accounts. You can buy any account given you can afford it, and this is what makes it addictive.

You fight to make a profit and ‘steal’ the more prolific accounts, whilst staring up in awe at the ‘greats’ that seem unobtainable due to their rocketed price; Donald J Trump valued at $150 million, as well as Obama and Drake.

The creators of Stolen also seem as confused in their success as literally everyone else. Whilst Twitter is abuzz with “What is Stolen??” and “Why did someone buy me??”, the creators labelled the app with “this app is ngl literally the worst.” Updates include the statement “more lit I promise”, almost making the creation that much more humble to the target audience.

The head creator of this beautiful little app, Siqi Chen, decided to give up on ‘Heyday‘, the social media app he’d been tirelessly working on for the past 4 years. The backstory of Stolen’s creation is that they beta-tested it with some friends and set a deadline of Jan. 31; if Stolen hadn’t take off by then, they’d have to sell the company.

Since it’s evident success, at one point, Stolen had 70% of its total users online at once, before it’s analytical provider crashed due to the sheer size of their success.

Stolen is set to be one of the hottest Apps of the year, so make sure you CLICK HERE to try and get a code to enter it!


-Benjamin John Wareing


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