The Brutally Slow Fall of ‘Kids React’

UPDATE 2nd Feb 2016 – The Fine Bros have released an official statement on their ‘reaction’ (get it?) stating that they will “Recind all[…]’React’ trademarks”, including ‘Kids React’. They also promised to discontinue the wildly controversial ‘React World’ and finally, to reverse any active copyright claims on YouTube. Here’s a screenshot of their statement, published HERE

Backtreading their 200k+ subscriber loss.

 ‘The Fine Bros’ were up until recently, one of the most respected channels on YouTube. They were gods of the video platform, amongst the likes of PewDiePie, Syndicate and countless more; providing entertaining and ‘new’ video content.

However, that isn’t true. The ‘kids react’ or ‘elders react’ concept has been around much longer than The Fine Bros professionally-produced versions. In fact, there was an entire channel dedicated to ‘seniors react’ weeks before ‘Elders React’ came about, only to be taken down by The Fine Bros for copyright infringements. Recently, their power-hungry tirade has targeted internet giants such as The Ellen Show (yes, the one with 50+ million followers on Twitter) and Buzzfeed (yes, the annoyingly popular Facebook page)

If this isn’t enough, The Fine Bros want to create a network known as the React World. If so, any and all ‘react’ videos will fall under their property, allowing them to claim ownership or effectively force the owner to delete their hard-work content. 

To further on an earlier point, The Fine Bros utilised their fan base – a demographic of typically young viewers, to try and target The Ellen Show. They basically created a little Cub Scouts group of hatred, only for it to backlash hard.

The Fine Bros encouraging the harrassment of The Ellen Show’s Facebook page.

As a result of this, The Fine Bros have seen a MASSIVE decrease in viewers. Actually, their subscriber number has continually fallen, and is now below 14 million; effectively, they’ve commit social suicide. To prove a point, here’s their view count right now (as I type this): 

The Fine Bros subsvriber count as of 00:39 Mon 1st Feb 2015.


So what’s so bad? They still have millions of followers right?

Well…yeah, but they’re scared. The Fine Bros have about 40 employees working for them, mainly funded through the channel’s sponsors, NOT YouTube monetisation. Whilst this does suck for them, when they do get sponsors, they get a lot of cash; recently they signed a deal with Disney for Star Wars content. The bad side is to come, though. With all this negativity and the outstandingly fast decline in subscribers, I can almost guarantee sponsors will drop off. We’ve seen it in almost every other situation in the world – from sporting to professional gaming, sponsors don’t want controversy. What have The Fine Bros gone and done? Created arguably the biggest controversy of 2016 in YouTube so far. Without sponsorships, they pretty much have to lay off workers and decrease the size of their ‘wonderful’ and dominatrix business. What a shame for ‘little guys’, right?!

On top of the potential loss of sponsors, they are likely to lose their television show ‘Six Degrees of Everything‘, as they used to wipe their Facebook page of ANY form of criticism or ‘hard’ question. Since the drop in subscribers, this cleansing of comments has decreased in momentum, perhaps a sign of things to come.

Recently, they released an ominously serious titled video on YouTube called ‘Update.’, how fun-sounding! In it, they back-tracked literally everything, admitting to “screwing up”, amongst many things, whilst desperately trying to claw back the crumbling body of their brainchild which is gradually gaining momentum in its decay into the ‘RIP hall of shame for YouTube’. Here’s a fun screenshot of the duo speaking in the video (it literally doesn’t get more cheerful than this, don’t get your hopes up…)

Take note of the beautiful like/dislike ratio…hmm.

The Fine Bros looking jolly and friendly.

In conclusion, The Fine Bros are dying. I mean, the duo are probably alive and well with their millions of dollars in valuation, but their little ‘creation’ cruelly stolen and prevented from the grasps of small YouTube channels is dying. I’d say it’s already dead due to the outstanding number of subscriber loss and dislikes, ontop of social media criticism, but they’ve still got a little bit of light in them, or at least enough to continually shut down small channels for creating ‘react’ content. Like you can copyright a human behaviour
Anyway, here’s what their subscriber number is at now: 


Damn, about -4000 subscribers in a few minutes.
UPDATE – in just 24 hours, they have lost 54,000+ subscribers, and the numbers are increasing largely. 

Figures for 31st Jan 2016.

As ever, I always respect content creators. Hell, The Fine Bros create some of the funniest and best-produced videos on YouTube, but I will always defend the ‘up and coming’ stars, the ‘new guys’ fighting to get a chance…not some multi-million dollar company that aims to tear these channels down.

Large credit to THIS Reddit thread.

– Benjamin John Wareing



6 thoughts on “The Brutally Slow Fall of ‘Kids React’

  1. Such a shame, I really like their content, too. The Elders React to Elvis Presley episode always warms my heart.

    My feelings towards them now are…strange, to put it simply. Do I feel betrayed? I think so. But then again, there’s this sort of…’detachment’ that I feel. Maybe that’s the feeling of betrayal? I dunno. Usually, I take a back seat first, let everything play out, then judge for myself. If what they’re doing is true and not just a severe misunderstanding, then their actions are unacceptable, that’s for sure.

    Also, I’m worried about the kids/teens/elders on the show. I sincerely doubt that they know about this. They feel sincere, but this proves that even the people with the nicest appearance can be assholes, so who knows.

    Except for Mr. Roger. Mr. Roger is the freaking paragon of good.

    Anyways, the next few days are gonna be interesting for us and for them. Will their subscribers continue to drop, or well this train halt its breaks? Only time will tell.

    On a completely different a side note, there’s a Youtuber I think you will like. I don’t know if I’ve recommended him to you already, but whatever. His name’s Tom Scott, and he’s very cool.

    Well, apologies if this seems long winded. I wanted to write a short reply and it devolved into this. Hope you have a nice day/. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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