Martin Shkreli Offers to Buy Kanye West Album

As posted earlier today on Twitter, Martin Shkreli has offered to buy the new and upcoming Kanye West album, ‘The Life of Pablo’.

Shkreli became infamous during late 2015 for raising the price of the antiparasitic drug ‘Daraprim’ by 5556% to $750 per tablet (up from only $13.50). This saw thousands of vulnerable people unable to afford the drugs new price, and as a result, be labelled “The Most Hated Man in America”.

The controversial founder/ former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals has now reached out to Yeezy through Twitter and offered to buy the rights to the album, preventing it being made available to the public. The current offer stands at a value of $10,000,000 (ten million dollars) with the line “I believe you will find this financial arrangement more attractive than your current course of action.”

The ‘letter’ itself seems unprofessional and rushed, with it not even containing a signature and a cursor mark still following the full-stop after “DM”. The fact he also offered to be contacted through DM, and made the letter open straight away, further fuels the notion that Martin Shkreli is seeking another ego-boost so soon after his hearing in front of Congress earlier this month.

Kanye has yet to respond, but Shkreli followed up on Twitter with, “Why does @Twitter have a DM limit? Kanye could have accepted or countered me and I have no idea. Help!”.

Of course, this comes following the “bad boy of big pharma’s” complete purchase of the Wu-Tang Clan’s 2015 album ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ for $2,000,000 (two million dollars). This was met with huge controversy and global criticism from both music critics and fans of the band, and only two days prior to this articles creation, it was announced that Shkreli would be sued over his ownership of this album due to an artists dispute.

It is unlikely West will follow up on the offer by Shkreli, however as seen before, Kanye can be unpredictable. 

$10 million dollars is a lot of money. Would you sell such a sought-after album to such a hated man?

-Benjamin John Wareing 


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