The Filthy Rich of Reddit Reveal Their Thoughts on the ‘Normal People’

What a life one can imagine for being dirty, filthy rich. Waking up on a king sized bed in your second holiday home to a personal chef’s creation of steak tartare and walking outside to see the bright blue water of the British Virgin Islands with tables holding up 1985 Chateau Margaux bottles of wine. This is the reality for some people. 
Many of the rich are born rich and are oblivious to the reality of others. They have been raised in the understanding that what is normal for the vast majority of us is baffling to those who are born into billions.

Nonetheless, many of the rich, and those acquainted with the rich have taken to Reddit to describe the life and misconceptions of what being in a bubble of fortune does to the perspective of these individuals. Some of these stories are quite shocking and can even seem a bit sickening.

Note: click on the images to enlarge them
Not everyone has their own 757 (and jets can be too big for community runways and personal hangars)

But seriously, why doesn’t everyone just buy themselves a jet, or a bigger runway?  
Apparently 6-year-olds aren’t supposed to like tartare or oysters on the half shell or have their earliest memories be in Monaco.

 So, you’re telling me the other kids don’t take frequent trips to Europe? Can’t they just take their private jet there?

Bottles worth hundreds of dollars are not cheap (and asking for one not worth as much is being humble)

   It’s okay, I sometimes drink water from the bottle when I have a fair bit of expendable money.  
Not everyone has a holiday home

   My butler doesn’t have a holiday home either. (I don’t have a butler)  

People don’t ostracize others for not having a lake cottage or mountain home.   

 My friends grandma had a *cough* trailer home with a pond *cough* lake cottage too. It was pretty cool, but the mud minnows bite.
  Chauffeurs don’t have chauffeurs.

   But who drives the chauffeurs around?

The other kids don’t have their own tennis court.

   I had my own trampoline once as a kid.

Some people can’t afford more than a sandwich.   The wealthy can often be dismissed as selfish, but this is not always the case. This redditor shares his story of his friendship with a wealthy student. Now, all I need to do is find someone wealthy to become friends with.  

On a global scale, middle class is ‘fortunate’.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and for one man’s wealth is another man’s misfortune. Often we bask in the glory of the elite, but often forget we are fortunate where we are.

The majority of people reading this will probably have a structurally sound roof over their head, electricity, food, water, and an internet connection. On a global scale, this is wealth, and others will have a hard time imagining what it’d be like to be “wealthy” as first world civilian.

– Thomas Scheer, writing for Next Generation Blogs


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