The Depressingly Tame ‘Cards Against Inhumanity’ Kickstarter

During my hourly scroll through Facebook and the endless feed of Kim Kardashians newest naked selfie, celebrity reactions and countless irrelevant memes, I came across a gem.

The lonely link sat wedged between Kim K’s censored body and a status announcing anger at an article written in 2012. It was odd, bare and depressingly timid. Timid enough to grab my attention.

I clicked it, and it took me to a Kickstarter page labelled, “Against Inhumanity: A card game for really nice people”.


The colour scheme screams ‘I’m sad’.

The baby blue, Microsoft Paint ‘fade’ background didn’t help the depressingly somber idea either. Obviously a subversion of the immensely popular ‘Cards Against Humanity‘ card game, this version aims to, and I directly quote from the page, “comment on the insensitivity of the original game. It’s not for horrible people. It’s for really nice people, who want to celebrate what they love, come together in kindness and have a good time with people of all backgrounds.”

Fun, right?

Anyway, some of the proposed, shown cards include:

What will put an end to war? Please and Thankyou.

Describe the essence of a cloud. Unicorns and rainbows.

What will it take to make mean people nice? Peaceful protests.


Inside the mind of a child.


Obviously not as high-intense, humorous or insulting as their counterparts, but they’re aimed for a different demographic.

Sadly, or not, humans are morbid creatures. We see videos of death on Facebook and find it disgusting, but we still watch. We see accidents and record them instead of helping. We see someone fall and we laugh. We don’t intend to cause the harm, but we scientifically enjoy others misfortune. It’s human nature.

These cards aim to break that natural cycle, but can they do it? I don’t think so. The idea is lovely and refreshing, but almost laughable. In the end, that’s why I decided to write about it. It is that absurd in today’s society that it warranted response, and perhaps that’s the hidden agenda of Amanda Ciavarella, the cards creator.

I have to disagree with Amanda’s inferred description of Cards Against Humanity, saying her version is not “for horrible people” and therefore inferring those who enjoy CAH are horrible, but they’re not. It’s literally human nature to laugh at the morbid and the mean, but that doesn’t make us morbid or mean. 


Just one of the possible combinations

Will it take off? Maybe. As of writing this, Amanda’s idea has more than 80% of funding at a value of $2351. However, this is nowhere near her smallest stretch goal of $6000 or her largest one of $20,000. With ten days to go, these seem unlikely but if you like the idea, or simply find it refreshing and worth of this world, you can contribute to the target HERE.

– Benjamin John Wareing


2 thoughts on “The Depressingly Tame ‘Cards Against Inhumanity’ Kickstarter

  1. Thanks for writing about my game Benjamin! I think it’s a gem too. You know, every once in a while, you stumble across something on the interwebs that makes your swoon with delight. Just as you say – a refreshing change of pace.

    The idea behind this game is to use satire to help people think about what’s happening in our society on a personal level. Sure, on a macro level (like at a nationally televised Trump rally), we see naughty people saluting Hitler and punching black people in the face. But in tiny groups of 5-8, in basements late at night, are we not a small representation of those wackos as we joke that jerking off in a pool of children’s tears is the next Nazi flash mob craze?

    Can’t we joke instead that the hula hooping at a music festival is the newest form of generation me self-love? Can we not joke about hopes and dreams being the thoughts behind doggy sleep barking?

    Things to think about, my friend.

    Anyway, I think you’re swell! Keep up the good work. ❤ Much love!

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    • Hey Amanda,

      Thank you for getting in touch and voicing your opinion/ clarifying all this!

      Whilst I too satiricalised this article to appeal to a certain viewership, I can’t stress enough how refreshing and innovative this idea is. Will it take off and spawn new ‘friendly genres’? I’m not too sure. Will it perhaps give some individuals happiness within the confide of others and to reflect on the positivity of the world? Undeniably.

      I look forward to seeing where this goes!



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