Breaking News: Donald Trump Chicago Rally Cancelled

Donald Trump has announced that he will not be attending tonight’s proposed rally in Chicago through a statement on his website.

In the brief statement, it is understood that Trump did in fact arrive in Chicago, but was advised against attending the rally due to concern for “the safety of all of the tens of thousands of people that have gathered”. Numerous news sources have referenced that Trump has not arrived due to ‘security concerns’. This comes following a statement by music performer Chris Brown, who said “fuck Trump and fuck the pigs” inciting revolution with the black community at Trumps rallies, namely following the reported abuse of black attendees.


Trumps website statement.

Images of the now rioting have began to circulate as this is being written. The best can be seen below. Note the scale and sudden nature of this protest against Trumps visibility in Chicago.


A protestor tears a ‘Trump’ sign in half


Floods of protestors are seen (ABC news)


Another angle of the floods of protestors.

The situation is unfolding and any notable events will be added in realtime.

-Benjamin John Wareing 


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