World Poetry Day – The Life We Deserve

We live in a world that is dominated by Facebook,

but we’re forgetting to just stop, stand and look.

You see, the world really is a beautiful place,

only foreseeable without a phone-light in your face.

I can’t stress the elegance of simple rains drops upon glass

or the vibrant and refreshing smell of cut grass.

We’ve lost touch with the ‘Real World’,

instead liking statuses like “lol at a party and just hurled 😂😷”.

We rely so much on the use of an emoji

as an alternative for a natural sematology.

We’re obsessed with our own image and looks,

but when was the last time you read some books?

When did you last watch the ocean waves

and reflect on your youthful, stupid days?

Constant alerts on YouTube and Twitter,

but why? Why do they matter?

We view kids in hoods as a vision of hostility,

but not as dreamers looking for life’s opportunity.

We care more about likes on a picture or comments on a post

than we care about our own life’s scripture or the starving children who need our attention the most.

So this World Poetry Day, take some time to observe

the world around us that we desperately need to preserve.

After all, this is the life were born into and the life we deserve.
-Benjamin John Wareing

Happy World Poetry Day!


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