At around 8:19am Brussels time, two explosions were heard in Zaventem Airport in Brussels. The explosions were confirmed to be caused by a suicide attacker, exploding around the American Airlines desk in the airport. Roughly 30-45 minutes following this suicide attack, another attack occurred at the Brussels Metro station close to the EU commission building. The EU commission building is understood to be on lockdown.

Reports have suggested multiple attacks occurred across a number of Metro stations, and all metro systems in Brussels have been closed. 

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has offered the countries full support and is understood to be chairing an emergency COBRA meeting later today. The foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, has said that the government is tracking the scenario minute by minute and will offer full assistance to Brussels.

Reports have suggested the attacks are in retaliation to the recent arrest of Salah Abdeslam.

  • At the time of writing, there are 31 fatalities and 260 injured in both the airport and metro attacks combined.

A series of images will be posted below. All images belong to their respective owners.

Story being updated in real time.

-Benjamin John Wareing


Clear damage to the metro system in Brussels seen


Public evacuated from metro systems underground


Armed forces guard numerous metro systems around Brussels


The initial response at Brussels airport


The first image of the metro attack


First response seen at Brussels airport


Inital responders appeared confused in Brussels airport


Exterior damage seen to Brussels airport


Glass shattered outwards at Brussels airport


Inside aftermath of Brussels airport explosions


Direct aftermath of Brussels Metro station attack


All transport systems in Brussels have been closed down


Extremely graphic image of direct aftermath inside Brussels airport


Stock market affect directly after attacks


Injured civilians rest after airport attack


Crowds being evacuated in Brussels airport


Graphic image of injured in Brussels airport


First image of inside Brussels airport


Graphic image of injured emerging from Brussels airport


Second image of Brussels attack


Damaged interior of Brussels airport


First image of Brussels airport




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