The World Reacts: Brussels Attacks

Following the horrific events of the day, 22nd March 2016 from about 8:19am, the world has stood in solidarity with Belgium. The death toll currently stands at 34, with an injury toll of far over 200. Figures are expected to rise. This comes following two seperate, but linked and co-ordinated, attacks in Brussels; one in an airport and two in a metro station.

Much alike that of the aftermath of the Paris attacks, many key landmarks around the world have lit up with the colours of the Belgian flag. 

Here are just some of them.

 Full details can be found HERE.

-Benjamin John Wareing

The Courthouse in Lyon.


The Arc De Triomphe in Berlin.


Downing Street now flies the Belgian flag, and also the Union Jack at half mast.


The Trevi Fountain, Rome, lights up tonight.


The Eiffel Tower, France, bears the Belgian flag. moving images, especially when remembering its darkness mere months ago.


The Burj Khalifa is currently seen brandishing the Belgian flag upright.



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