Breaking News coming in this morning that Gerard Way, former singer of the hit band My Chemical Romance has just confirmed a reunion is on the way for the band.

My Chemical Romance, often abbreviated to MCR, broke up in the year 2013 despite massive public backlash. Since then, multiple rumours of reunions have surfaced wth none being officially approved or proven.

However, Gerard Way, the co-founder of the group, has today confirmed the group will be reuniting and even hinted at a possible surprise performance at the world’s largest rock festival, Download, later this year.

Speaking exclusively to MTV 25 minutes prior to this article, Gerard stated:

“We know people didn’t like MCR splitting, but it’s whatever. We all gotta take breaks sometimes, and it’s just lasted a little longer than some liked.”

He then continued:

“Well, we were going to announce it a little later this year, or even as a surprise turn up on the Download stage, but we’d like the fans to know sooner so that they have the chance to see us!”

Asked if this was permanent, Way simply replied:

“No, April Fools”

I hope you enjoyed this satirical piece on this wonderful day, April 1st – April Fools day. 

I promise there won’t be any more!

– Benjamin John Wareing


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