Call for ‘2016 General Election’ passes 100,000 signatures

A new petition calling for the government to hold a 2016 general election has now surpassed 100,000 votes, the number required for a parliamentary debate to be considered.

The petition, created by Eleanor Machin, was produced following the announcement of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, that he once owned shares of a company mentioned in the ‘Panama Papers‘ leak, owned by his late father, Ian Cameron.

On the 9th April 2016 from 11am, protestors gathered outside Downing Street in London to call for Mr Cameron to ‘step down’, ‘resign’ or to simply introduce policy against tax evasion. 

Despite certain media reporting “hundreds” of protestors, live streams and information directly received by Next Generation Blogs proves upwards of 3000 attended.

The petition, currently at 103,000 signatures, will be considered for debate and also receive a government response.

Whilst a general election in 2016 is incredibly unlikely due to the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2011, this acts as strong incentive for government change around the issue of tax evasion.

-Benjamin John Wareing


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