Top 10 Reasons to Travel

Everyone loves travelling, I mean, I’m yet to find someone who doesn’t. Not only is it invigorating and exciting to discover a new, beautiful place, but it also throws a whole load of memories that will bug you until you return.

Travelling can mean so many different things; from a walk in a new park in the city, to a plane flight to Australia and wandering the ‘Outback’. Any form of “getting out there” counts, so why should you do it?

Allow me to explain my top ten points why travelling is perfect, and more importantly, why you should do it more often!


By taking time out to travel, whether that be to the local park or to another country, you’re giving yourself a break from your ‘routine’ world. Maybe you have work, school, or other sorts of commitments. By travelling, you’re giving them a backseat and giving yourself control. So relax, take a break!


When you travel, particularly in new countries, you’re subjected to a wide range of cultures. That can be the traditional habits of rural China, the family bonds of Western America or the vibrant celebrations of Brazil. Each country has its own set of cultures, and each with their own perks. Go out and discover what makes others happy!


Through travelling, you have the potential to educate yourself. Not only do you learn of new cultures, but you may pick up on all-languages that you had never considered learning before. Not only that, but you may learn customs, greetings, foods, celebrations and living habits. All these help you reflect on your own life, and allow you to shape yourself for the better.


Everyone has an inner child, be that your little nephew playing in a sandpit or a doctor operating on a patient. Regardless of who you are, you have that inner instinct to lose inhibitions and indulge in the youthful joy you once had. By travelling, you allow yourself to do that by endulging in curiosity. What’s over that mountain? Who lives in this village? You’re the master of your own destiny here, so go and explore! 


Travelling can be a long process when going far. A flight from the UK to Japan takes many hours, so you will learn to grow patience. In the meanwhile, realise patience doesn’t mean boredom. Instead, meet new people, learn new languages or reflect on where you’ve come from to get to this point.


This is one of the most obvious points, but by travelling, you’re discovering all new places to yourself. No longer are you staring at the local ASDA or Walmart, instead a raging waterfall looming over a vibrant valley. These are places that will stick in your mind for a lifetime and give your future grandchildren awe and a desire to travel just like you.


Linking to the patience point, through travelling, you will learn to understand yourself better. What you like, what you don’t like, but also where you like and what you love. By travelling, you will fully discover who you are, and appreciate the beautiful parts of your life.


Admit it; work, school or even some of your friends can become stressful. That doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy them, but instead you don’t enjoy routine. By travelling, you break routine and take time to enjoy yourself. It’s like a holiday, but instead you’re developing yourself as a person and reducing stress completely.


Who knows, on your travels across the globe, you may make some of the closest friends of your life. You could share a tent with them in TomorrowLand, wander the ice of Greenland or share wine over a candle-lit meal in Paris. Wherever it is, you are very likely to meet beautiful people like yourself, and more importantly, make beautiful friendships.


There really is no denying it, travelling is fun! You could have your first plane ride, train ride, shared car or even hike. By travelling, you’re not restricting yourself to the ‘normal’ of your life. You will discover life-changing and enjoyable opportunities that will remain in your mind forever. So what are you waiting for? Go out there!

-Benjamin John Wareing


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