Preston Bikers Support Local Rescue 

Members of the ‘Preston Posse’ biking group rode through the streets of Preston up to Tarleton to surprise Noah’s Ark Rescue and Sanctuary, a local animal rescue ran by John Alan Wareing and partner Julie Bell since 2011. 

Over 20 bikers rode together to present the rescue with an abundance of supplies to last them weeks. The biker group have long been supporters of animal rescues, including Preston’s RSPCA branch and John’s rescue. A whole host of bikes were present, from sports grade motorcycles to the typical Harley-Davidson. A bike with a side-cart also arrived with a biker’s dog en-suite.

Preston Posse with the volunteers at Noah’s Ark Rescue and Sanctuary

Speaking at the gathering, John said, “Support from people like you make all the difference. We work to give these animals the second chance they deserve in life”.

The rescue greeted them with music, food and drinks, whilst also acting as a ‘meet and greet’ for the bikers to speak with John and gain knowledge about what they do at the rescue.

Vice Chairman of the Preston Posse, ‘Uncle Tony’ told me, “We’re happy to help out the rescue as much as we can. We’ve had a long relationship with John, so this was great to set up and carry out”.

The rescue, created in 2011, is based at John and Julie’s house where they have transformed the garden to host countless cats, chickens, and at one time, micro-pigs. 

– Benjamin John Wareing


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