UPDATED: Manchester Teenager, 16, Steals Deceased Girls Money

(For major update, see foot of article, including editorial notice)

EXCLUSIVE: It has emerged that a 16 year old teenager, who was a former friend of Charlotte Baron who passed away on the 20th of February 2016, had stolen money from a fundraiser to buy himself a new phone.
Charlotte’s foster sister, Sophie Jane Smith disclosed that, out of £700 raised at a remembrance event held for Charlotte, the schoolboy took £181.35 for himself to buy a new phone. The money was originally to buy Charlotte a new headstone at her grave.

Charlotte Baron, aged 14

Speaking of her reaction to the news, Sophie said, “I have seriously regretted taking him to her funeral and standing up for him”, later adding, “We’re all disgusted as we trusted him so much, especially me”.

The event was held at a venue in Rochdale on the 30th April from 3pm until 8pm and saw many of Charlotte’s friends and family turn up to remember her. The venue raised £700 total, of which £160 was paid for bouncer fees, £258.65 was paid to Charlotte’s family and £181.35 was kept by the teen for himself.

It was later admitted by the teen that he had spent this money on a new phone for himself, stating, “My phone broke and I had to replace it”. When confronted on why, he replied, “I didn’t expect to have to give the money [to the family] so soon”. It has since emerged that the teen repaid the family the full cost soon after.

Organisers at the venue paid the teenagers grandmother a check for the total raised, with the belief that it would go straight to Charlotte’s family. Upon finding out, organiser Lawrence Mitchell described himself as being “miffed about what he’s done”.

Adam Gray, who played live at the event, said, “We donated half of the profits from t-shirt sales to the cause”, later adding, “It not only fills you with disgust, but also shame. I’m appalled”.
Friends of Charlotte have now created a new JustGiving page to raise funds for a headstone for Charlotte which has raised over £160 so far.

An inquest into Charlottes death was adjourned, due to proceed on 27th July.

The family of the teenager in question have since notified me that the police are involved, and thus, I have removed his name. The boy has since paid the family back and is working on rectifying all further issues.

Editors Notice: I do not advocate the personal attacks of the teenager in question, whether you know his name, or not. We all make mistakes – some worse than others. However, we all deserve redemption. He has rectified the issue with the family, and as such, the issue is no longer in effect. Any such attacks are harassment, and can result in legal action. So please, refrain from attacks. We are all entitled to freedom of expression, but not at the direct expense of others. I do not advocate, or condone, any such attacks at all. We all must act as responsible, sensible individuals through this time and respect his safety and integrity.

– Benjamin John Wareing


16 thoughts on “UPDATED: Manchester Teenager, 16, Steals Deceased Girls Money

  1. In future if you are going to publish something that is quite personal to some people you might want to get the date of the girl who passed away right and have the headline be more appropriate,thank you.


  2. What the 16 year old boy has made a mistake and you all jump on his case!! Are the police involved and has he paid the money back?? I bet the kid was scared to tell his family that his phone broke and thought he could borrow the money and pay it back. I’m sure he didn’t for one minute do this in such a manner your implying. Bullies the lot of you. Yeah I believe he shouldn’t have taken the money but Christ sake im sick of reading all these articles about people who make mistakes and the whole world turn into viscous mobs!! 😡😡


      • Pity you cant report the true facts and yes tom is suicidal because of the hate an vile that you yourself and others have created and the posting of my address and phone numbers , And yes i have involved the police and names and evidence have been passed too them. Shame on you all for the vile bullying of a boy who made a mistake and paid back the money withing 15 mins of this situation arising. Its a pity you all cant remember how charlotte died. And this article has been forwarded to the police also. He was too scared to tell his mum he broke his phone an made a mistake by borrowing £80 to replace it , i wonder how many people reading this have made a mistake !!


      • I’ve only reported the story, Victoria. If the police have in-fact been involved, I’ll be removing his name from the article.
        As for the accusation that I have been bullying – I have not. I only reported on the story. Would you accuse any other news organisation who reported on the story for bullying?
        I have not released his phone number, or address, so I do not hear that accusation either.


  3. I dont even understand why there is a JustGiving page tbh, there was money raised from school and ALL of the money from the fundraiser, its just pathetic tbh, people need to stop jumping to conclusions and actually think about how the poor 16 year old feels,i bet he is destroyed, i can put my money on it that his mentle state is damaged, as Victoria said, he has been feeling suicidal, so why dont the friends of Charlotte stop pushing someone else to suicude, if anything happens to that poor boy its on you’s, the ones who are pushing him to the edge!


  4. Then post real facts and not silly children head hunting to the point of another media bullying suicode. As I have said he is and will be punished but that will be by me and no one else. How can he overcome and learn if people just judge an blame and bully him to the point of him having suicidal thoughts and has to be watched and monitored. Stop giving him the airtime and negativity, and focus on Charlotte and maybe remember what happened to charlotte so it doesn’t happen too my son for making a seriously bad judgement and life changing error.


    • I hope you respect the changes made to the article in protection/ respect of the teenagers privacy and safety.
      Thank you for your time, but please cease with the threats to our organisation. We are merely reporting on facts.

      I do not condone the attacks on the teenager, but I also do not condone false allegations against myself.


  5. There has been much talk about getting facts right in the comments on this blog, so here are a couple that have been overlooked

    Fact – the person who did this was never a friend of Charlottes and she didn’t even like him.
    Fact- the video he produced as a tribute to Charlotte was made up of photographs that he took from her actual friends Facebook accounts
    Fact- he made trouble for Charlottes real friends by lying to her family. This meant that her friends were sent abusive messages at a time when they were genuinely grieving over their friends death.
    Fact- all this situation of him stealing the money has done is to prove to people what his true colours are


  6. Do you know what i fing funny, You said that “the venue raised £700 total, of which £160 was paid for bouncer fees, £258.65 was paid to Charlotte’s family and £181.35 was kept by the teen for himself.” pretty sure that adds up to £600, you cant even do basic addition, let alone be a good reporter


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