Albuquerque Shooting, What We Know

Here’s everything we know so far in this developing breaking news:

•Police recieved reports of an active shooter/ possible hostage situation in Albuquerque City Hall. There were “half a dozen” initial calls.

•Press Statement by Alburquerque Police Department – “No belief of active shooter/ hostage situation, but procedural SWAT team searches underway regardless (estimated next 2-3 hours)”.

•Two males had been detained and are being questioned. Male in white shirt not believed to be linked. Other ‘first’ male, below, may be person of interest – press statement by Albuquerque Police Department.

Detained individual “was not supposed to be in the building”

•”Very likely” a prank/ false call – Alburquerque Police Department. Initial number of calls “about 6”

•Albuquerque Police Department said they were finding “no evidence of active shooters” or hostage situations in SWAT searches through their Twitter page.

•SWAT teams were described as “systematically sweeping” the City Hall by Alburquerque Police Department Twitter account.

•Police scanners told SWAT teams to retrieve ‘City Hall Manager’ from 10th floor, says she keeps calling for help.
More updates as we get them.

-Benjamin John Wareing


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