Labour MP Jo Cox Dies After Sickening Attack

Labour MP for Batley and Spen, Jo Cox, has now died as a result of injuries recieved in a shooting and stabbing on 16th June 2016.Cox was reportedly shot twice, and then stabbed multiple times, outside of an advise clinic she was running by the town’s library.

A 52 year old male has been arrested in connection with the attacks, with the below image circulating online believed to be the suspect.

52 year old man believed to be the suspect

Eyewitnesses said the gun was “homemade” and “makeshift” in appearance, yet they heard two to three shots in close proximity. Cox was airlifted to a local hospital in “critical condition”, before later being announced dead.

Politicians around the country had since announced support and thoughts for Cox, and now begin remembering her.

Cox leaves behind a husband, two children and a constituency.

MP Jo Cox, 41 years old.

Rest in peace, Jo. You believed in me in my earliest days, and we’ll believe in you forevermore.

– Benjamin John Wareing


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