Labour MP Jo Cox Injured in Shooting and Stabbing

Here is what we know so far on the developing story about Labour MP Jo Cox’ assault:

  • Jo Cox is the Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen.
  • She was shot twice and stabbed in Birstall, near Leeds. She has since died from her injuries.
  • A 52 year old man has been arrested in connection with the attacks. He was reported as being ‘Tommy Mair’.

Man believed to be the suspect – Unconfirmed

  • The attack took place in the towns library where she held an advise clinic.
  • Eyewitnesses are quotes as saying she was “left bleeding on the pavement after the attack”.

MP Jo Cox

  • Eyewitness Hichem Bren-Abdallah said the gun was “makeshift” and “homemade”.
  • She was air transported to a local hospital, where armed police where photographed guarding.

Armed police guarding injured MP Jo Cox


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