British Prime Minister, David Cameron, Resigns 

In a momentous and historical 12 hours, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union (EU) by 1.1 million votes.

As an offset of the less-than-desirable results, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has announced his own resignation – and that there will be a new serving PM for Great Britain by the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester later this year (October).

Mr. Cameron addressing the media early on Friday 24th June 2016

How do I feel about this?

I have mixed emotions, from a professional and personal standpoint. Professionally, I loved the rule of Cameron – instated in 2010 and ‘planned’ through 2020, he saw the introduction of the National Citizen Service, NCS; a program which has completely transformed my own life, and likely so the hundreds of thousands of graduates.

Personally, I called for his resignation. As a conservative myself, that was a hard call to make, but one as a young person I had to make. The referendum, by its very nature, only affects young people the most. Everyone knows that – us young people have to live with this decision for the next generation.

Mr. Cameron denied us this vote. Mr. Cameron denied millions of abled 16-18 year olds a vote for something that will shape their lives wildly. Mr. Cameron denied democracy to us once again.

Obviously, his sudden resignation is a shock for myself and the country, but it may be one we need. Both main parties of Labour and Conservative have suffered fracturing, so perhaps new leadership for both is required. In announcing his resignation, Mr. Cameron’s voice shook and cracked as he faced his own reality; a Brexit isn’t a utopia, is is a dystopia. Our markets have crashed. Our confidence has crashed. Our ratings have crashed and our world position has crashed.

We are a shell of our former glory, and I but yearn it can be reclaimed.

Mr. Cameron seen comforting his wife, Samantha Cameron.

-Benjamin John Wareing


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