Post-Brexit Markets – UK Leaves EU

Here is a snapshot of what the current stock market looks like as of 05:49 of 24th June 2016, the morning after the EU Referendum in which the UK voted to leave the EU:

-£122,000,000,000 has been wiped off the value of the FTSE 100.

– The pound is down 10% against the United States dollar. This is the largest drop in 40 years. This is continuing to drop right now. (15 cents)

– The pound is down 15% against the Chinese Yen.

– American stock futures plunge in preparation for ‘day one’ aftermath.

– The price of oil is down by 6%.

– The price of gold is up by 7%.

– Bitcoin is up 12.48%.

In less that 5 hours, the GBP dropped 10% by the USD.

Bitcoin, the online dogital currency, is on the rise post-Brexit

-Benjamin John Wareing


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