UK Votes to LEAVE The EU

In what was seen as a last-minute change of fate, the Vote Leave campaign gained the majority of votes in the EU Referendum on the 23rd June 2016.

The outcome was so much of a surprise that figureheads of Leave, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson cancelled 3 planned Vote Leave celebration parties for the polling night.

However, voters in Scotland and Northern Ireland are unhappy with the result; the entirity of Scotland voted to remain in the EU, and some speculators believe this will call for another Scottish Independence Referendum.

Calls have been made for the Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, to resign. This has also been followed by further calls for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to also resign given his apparent inaction during the referendum run-up.

Whilst the official announcement has not been made, to be given in at around 8am in Manchester Town Hall, Sky News, BBC and ITV have all announced the Leave campaign as the winning side. As of current, here is the voting breakdown:

Remain – 48.3% ~ 14,031,792

Leave – 51.7% ~ 15,203,430

How does this affect us? Well, we just don’t know yet. One thing we know for certain, however, is that the economy has crashed. It was warned, and throughout the night, mounting evidence was seen. As of current, the GBP in comparison to the USD is down 10% (-6% for the Euro)

Here’s what this looks like on the stock market:

The future is dark, the future is unknown. Too many of us did not want this, and too many will suffer.

Some call this “Independence Day”. I call this a dark chapter beginning. A dark chapter that refused the voice of millions of young people, of whom the decision will affect the most. Here’s to the slim hope that we can return this beautiful country to its once-powerful position, a position only felt within the EU – with th economic blanket it provided.

– Benjamin John Wareing


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