NICE, FRANCE Attacks – What We Know

Here is an updated summary of what we know of the developing Nice, France attacks from 10:30pm local time on the 14th July 2016 – French Bastille Day:

  • ISIS has officially claimed responsibility for the attacks.
  • Attacker drove large lorry through 2 kilometres of Bastille Day crowds.
  • At least 84 killed with 202 injured, 52 of which are ‘critical’.
  • 10 children were killed in the attack.
  • The driver has been killed by French police forces. He was called “Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel”.
  • The attackers ex-wife is being detained for questioning in link to the attacks.
  • “Guns and explosives” have been found within the large lorry.
  • French government describe this as “attack”, with educated rumour that it is terrorist related.
  • White House: “Obama is being updated”.
  • Donald Trump: “I have postponed my announcement of running mate because of the attacks”.
  • 10 Downing Street: “Prime Minister Theresa May is being kept updated”.
  • People in area of Nice warned to stay indoors and away from the streets.

More updates as progressions are made.
-Benjamin John Wareing


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