Turkish Military Overthrow Government

Here are the main key points on the developing story in Turkey:

  • The attempted military coup is now declining with government control now being regained.
  • Rogue Turkish military officers had co-ordinated a military coup of the Turkish government.
  • 161 people were killed, with 1440 injuries. Figures set to rise.
  • 2839 members of Turkish army have been detained.
  • The Turkish Prime Minister alluded to wanting to bring the Death Penalty into Turkish Constitution following the attempted coup.
  • The Turkish President had ordered that the Turkish Airforce shoot down coup-aligned airforce.
  • Turkish military tanks had opened fire around Turkey’s Parliament.
  • Turkish President Erdogan has encouraged Civil War, telling people to “take on the tanks in the street”.
  • The Turkish military had given citizens access to tanks, they were seen riding through the streets of Ankara.
  • Heavy gunfire and explosions were heard at the Presidential Palace.
  • Turkey is was declared, by rogue military officers, under military control under “The Peace Council”.
  • Martial Law had been declared across Turkey by rogue military officers.
  • Military had closed all access routes into Turkey.
  • Turkish Prime Minister had been evacuated, under massive police guard. He landed in Instanbul and gave a series of statements.
  • Chief Military Officer in Turkey had been held hostage in military HQ. He has since been rescued and is in command again.
  • Military tanks were seen outside Ankara airport.
  • Video shows attack helicopter shooting down on central Turkey.
  • All social media had been blacked out in Turkey.
  • The Turkish military had issued a country-wide curfew, threats of violence if broken.
  • State run broadcasters in Turkey were under military control. All staff had phones disconnected/ taken from them.
  • All money from ATMs had been pulled.

To be updated as soon as more news is available.

– Benjamin John Wareing


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