You Me At Six New Album Could be Called NIGHTPEOPLE 

Popular rock band ‘You Me At Six’ (YMAS) could have announced their newest album is to be called “Night People” following a lengthy livestreamed release hosted on Periscope on Twitter.

The ‘neon-like’ sign teased live on stream.

The rock band, originally from Surrey, England, formed in 2004 and released their last album “Cavalier Youth” in 2014. Their newest supposed teased album has ignited social media frenzy, with the hashtag #NIGHTPEOPLE trending globally during the livestream and frantic discussion during it about what the message could mean.

One by one, letters revealed themselves, almost ‘neon’ in fashion, to reveal the hashtag. As they slowly shone together, fans started the ‘#NIGHTPEOPLE’ trend going, which was quickly heard worldwide.

The members of YMAS changed their Twitter headers to this image.

During the stream, a logo overlaid the screen occasionally, supposedly of the albums new cover. In the background, audio could be heard with rustles of feet and popping noises, as though someone was sat behind the camera. It has since emerged that, during the livestream, the image and lettering were projected onto a brick wall. The true logo does not have the ‘brick’ style background seen below.

The logo, likely projected onto a brick wall.

At it’s peak, the livestream saw over 25,000 Twitter users watching, anticipating the band’s next moves.

Do you think this is the bands next album? Is this just a song name? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

-Benjamin John Wareing


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