Conservatives at Manchester Gay Pride

The annual gay pride celebrations have been and gone for the vibrant city of Manchester, this year attracting larger crowds than ever before. Saturday 27th August saw tens of thousands flood the streets of Manchester to witness the yearly spectacle.

Floats included national businesses like the National Health Service (NHS), Asda, Sainsbury’s and even Coronation Street –  but one attracted more widespread attention than most.

The LGBT section of the Conservative Party stood strong in force to represent their political party and those within it, despite many waves of booing and heckling from the crowds of Manchester. Former MP and reality star Edwina Currie made a full appearance with the ‘LGBTory’ group, waving, hugging, kissing and even taking drinks from bystanders.

Below is a collection of the best photographs Benjamin took at the event. All images can be licensed by visiting the ‘Contact’ page and emailing Benjamin:

Edwina Currie blows a kiss to the camera.

A happy male on a modified mobility scooter.

Popular alternative store ‘Afflecks’ welcomed waves of LGBT supporters.

Male dressed up striking a powerful pose.

Members of the LGBTory group held hands in fromt of crowds of onlookers.

The police displayed a phblic show of support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Edwina Currie spotted drinking some onlooker’s alchohol.

Pro-EU stickers were placed around Manchester.

Edwina Currie photographed dancing at the Pride event.

Edwina Currie photographed enjoying the Pride event.

Edwina Currie speaks to a young boy.

Edwina Currie hugs a fan in the crowd.


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