Meet Ken Bone – The World’s next meme

Memes are this world’s greatest gift at times; from mourning the saddening and sickening loss of our beloved Harambe, to eternalising a cartoon frog or crowd reactions.

However, tonight, a new meme was born. A revolutionary and fresh face was introduced to the internet. A hero was born, and his name is Ken Bone.

Ken Bone – the most innocent meme

Who is Ken Bone, you may ask? At the moment, he is a shadow. A ghost that whisked through our lives and will disappear for hours. He spoke his words and departed our lives temporarily. He brought us much needed smiles in the darkest of debates, bringing humanity back into our lives.

Ken Bone isn’t a man, he is a legend. He embodies American Values more than the American flag, and his moustache is enough to melt the toughest of hearts. Just as quick as K-Bone appeared, he left equally as mysteriously. The last shot of him captured him photographing the Clinton/ Trump debate backstage set, before speeding off to an off-camera exit. Where did he go? To save children, to feed the homeless? Who knows – but whatever it is, it must be great.

Ken Bone is a modern-day detective with his disposable camera

So here it is, to Ken Bone, the world’s next best meme. God bless you. Here are some of the quickest emerging memes:

Fine-dining Moet guy?

A screen-saver we can all commit to.

Zooming in on that glory.

Who said perfect doesn’t exist?

A vision of the future.

-Benjamin John Wareing


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