Breaking News: Donald Trump has been officially voted as the next President of the United States. He surpassed the 270 electoral college votes needed to assume the prestigious role following the November 8 Elections. He is to assume office on January 20. As President of the United States, Donald J. Trump will be described as “the most powerful man on Earth”.

The most controversial President of the United States.

Throughout the results night, Trump set off to a strong start and maintained that momentum. With deciding states such as North Carolina and Florida, his victory was called hours before actual closing time. This was consequently labelled the tightest race is presidential history, and also the most controversial.

After months of campaigning, and many deeply controversial moments along the way, the United States sees its most controversial President – Trump faces the largest dislike ratings ever in American political history, and many country-wide protests are expected to be taken soon.

The Republican President breaks the 8-year Democratic rule that Obama led. He leads a notably conservative party compared to the liberal values of the Democratic Party – which was spearheaded by Hillary R. Clinton in this election run up.

At current, Trump is only described as ‘President-elect’, which he will remain until his inauguration on January 20 which will be streamed live across the world and hosted in Washington. All living former Presidents of the United States Will be in attendance, alongside the countries most notable figures. He will swear on oath on a Bible with cultural or personal significance. During Obama’s 2013 inauguration, he used both the Lincoln Bible and a Bible owned by Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Clinton v Trump debates attracted the largest audiences ever for its kind.

Key Policies:

Throughout his campaign run up, Donald Trump made a number of proposed policies and platforms should he enter the Oval Office. Here are some of his stances on key issues.

  • Opposed to abortion (except for rape, incest and risk to mothers life).
  •  Will privatise any abortions.
  • Balance the budget deficit.
  • Examine social media of anyone wishing to enter US.
  • Cut internet access for ISIS.
  • Restore Patriot Act for data surveillance and metadata collection.
  • More first responders and street patrols.
  • Cut job trades with China.
  • Reduced tax.
  • Affordable college.
  • Support coal jobs, fracking, offshore and public land mining and the Keystone Pipeline.
  • Improve water infrastructure.
  • Stand with allies.
  • End nuclear deal with Iran.
  • Sale of health insurance across state lines.
  • Repeal Obamacare.
  • Vigorous verting for immigration.
  • Build a border wall with Mexico.
  • End ‘sanctuary cities’.
  • Boosted cyber security capabilities.
  • Mental health screening for gun purchasers.
  • Business rate tax of 15%.
  • 3 brackets of tax for individuals: 12%, 25% and 33%. 0% will be available for many.
  • Improved veteran care.

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