Preston Protests Fracking company Cuadrilla

Protestors gathered in Preston today to support anti-fracking figurehead Tina Rothery, nicknamed “nana” by her loyal supporters, in her legal battle against fracking company Cuadrilla.

Emotional scenes as Rothery left court – photo: Benjamin Wareing

According to Rothery, Cuadrilla denied that they ever held a court presence, despite court records showing otherwise, as confirmed by Next Generation Blogs in court records.

Over 200 protestors were in attendance at the day’s peak time – to welcome Rothery out of the court, following the ruling that a ‘Contempt of Court’ battle had been thrown away against her.

Protestors gathered right up to the court entrance – photo: Benjamin Wareing

Cuadrilla has controversially been given the green light to frack in Lancashire by the government – despite the local councils direct opposition and an outcry of national outrage.

Cuadrilla’s representatives allegedly attempted to pin the charge of ‘contempt of court’ to Rothery, however today that ruling was overturned and the anti-fracking “nana” was cleared. Upon her departure of the court, Rothery was met with loud applause, dance, music and a spraying of champagne. Tears, hugs and selfies were all warmly received by a tearful Tina.

Court proceedings are allegedly still underway, according to Rothery in speaking to Press outside Preston Crown Court.

Rothery speaking to the nations media – photo: Benjamin Wareing


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