LIVE: President Obama’s LAST Press Conference

Below are the updates of President Obama’s last press conference as President of the United States before Trump enters the White House this coming Friday.

Note: Quotes and highlights were ordered as oldest first (located at the top of the list) and newer ones progressing downwards in chronological order. Article was be updated live for 45 minutes.

  • President Obama arrives at the Press Conference at 2.25pm, 10 minutes later than scheduled.
  • Obama: “I’ve been in touch with the Bush family today”. “We send our prayers and our love to them.”
  • Obama: “Having you [press] in this building has made us work better”. Potential dig at Trump over rumours he will eradicate Press room of White House.
  • Obama: Starts with Jeff Mason of Reuters news agency.
  • Obama on Chelsea Manning: “Let’s be clear; Chelsea Manning has served a tough prison sentence”. 
  • Obama: “With respect to Wikileaks – I refer you to the Justice Department” in regards to Julian Assange.
  • Obama on Chelsea Manning: “I felt that, in light of all the circumstances, that commuting her sentence was entirely appropriate”.
  • On being questioned about Trump proposal of reducing Russian sanctions: “Couple of things: 1) It’s in America’s interest to have a constructive relationship with Russia”.
  • “The reason we imposed the sanctions was not because of nuclear weapons issues, but because the independence and sovereignty of Ukrain was improached upon, by force, by Russia”. “It continues to meddle in the affairs of Ukraine”.
  • “I’ve said that ‘as soon as you stop doing that, I’ll remove the sanctions'”.
  • Obama on nuclear weaponary: “There remains a lot of room for our two countries [Russia] to reduce our stockpiles”.
  • “I can tell you that the United States has been on the right side of these issues”.
  • Obama on Trump advice: “It is appropriate for him to go forward with his vision and his values”.
  • “I think a lot of his views are going to be shaped by his advisors”.
  • Obama on Democrats boycott of Trump inauguration: “I’m not going to comment on those issues”. “I will be there, and so will Michelle”.
  • Obama on future of immigration: “The notion that we would arbitrarily punish these kids would merit me speaking out”.
  • Obama on Israel / Palestine: “The status quo is unsustainable and bad for Palestinians, bad for the region and bad for America’s national security”.
  • “What we wanted to do is to preserve the possibility of a two-state solution”.
  • “My views are clear – we’ll see how Trump’s approach plays out”.

Live updates ceased at 3.15pm local time.


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