BREAKING: Usain Bolt Stripped of Olympic Gold Medal

BREAKING: Usain Bolt has been stripped of his 2008 Beijing Olympics gold medal for the relay race, after it emerged that his teammate, Nesta Carter, tested positive for a banned substance.

Jamaica have been stripped of their 4x100m gold medal won in the 2008 Beijing Olympics after Nesta Carter, Usain Bolt’s relay teammate, tested positive during a re-analysis of doping samples. 

The banned substance is ‘methylhexaneamine’, a stimulant aimed at increasing the performance of sprinters.

Usain Bolt’s 2008 relay gold medal will be stripped from him.

The emerging news means that Usain Bolt no longer holds his “Triple-Triple” record of 3 gold medals for the past 3 Olympic Games (now 2 in 2008, and 3 in both the 2012 and 2016 Games).

Story is breaking live. Article will be updated shortly.


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